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6 Tips to Get the Best Summer Pout with Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage in the beauty community right now and it has been one of the hottest lip trends for quite a while. If you’ve been doing some makeup shopping, online or in real life, you know how just about every brand is launching their own lines of liquid lipsticks while new brands specializing in them are emerging here and there. Aside from being super easy to apply, liquid lipsticks are perfect especially for summer because they’re technically melt-proof! No more messy messes in your purse or makeup bag! If you’re a fan like me, check out these tips on how to get the best summer pout with liquid lipsticks!


  1. Exfoliate your lips – any lipstick, liquid or otherwise, will look a thousand times better on smooth lips so be sure to exfoliate before you apply some on your lips. There are lots of great brands out there that make amazing lip scrubs but if you’re on a budget, you can make your own with just granulated sugar and honey or follow these more imdulgent lip scrub recipes.juicy looking lips dove cameron
    summer bright pink selena gomez lips
  2. Wear it with lip liner – ever wonder why Kylie includes a lip liner along with the liquid lipstick in her lip kit?  It’s so you can get a better-looking lip. Line your lips with lip liner in the closest, if not exact, color as your liquid lipstick. Outlining your lips will allow you to get that sharp, precise lip look.jessica alba lips orangey red lips taylor swift
  3. Apply it with a lipstick brush – the doe-foot applicators that your liquid lipsticks come with are very convenient but they could be depositing too much product on your lips, leaving you with a hot mess that could clump or flake, not to mention those doe-foot applicators aren’t exactly the easiest to use around the edges of your lips. To get the perfect amount and have total control, apply your liquid lipstick with a lip brush intead. Here’s a video from NIkkieTutorials on how to get it done.rosy nude lips anna kendrick simple lip look
  4. Get it right with one swipe – if you’re not too fond of using a lip brush, though, you can still go ahead and use that paddle or doe foot applicator as long as you get it right in one swipe. Avoid going over the same area too many times because that will create a liquid lipstick buildup and that is not exactly the cutest thing.bright pink lips and rainbow eyes bronzy nude liquid lipstick look
  5. Full lip tip – want fuller-looking lips this summer? You don’t have to go through surgery to get the look. Instead, go ahead and hack it the way Kylie Jenner did by overlining! Overlining your lips is easy, Choose a lighter liquid lipstick color to get maximum effect.perfect lip look purple lips and summer braids
  6. Clean up around the edges – to get that sharp, precise lip look when using liquid lipsticks, don’t forget to clean up around the edges with concealer and a small brush. This step will hide imperfections and will make your lips stand out.bright orange lips summer nude lips rihanna