6 Tips on How to Get Kendall Jenner’s Beauty Look

Kendall Jenner is one of the hottest It Girls of today, be it in fashion or beauty. Coming from the Kardashian – Jenner brood, Kendall is somehow expected to sport the same look as her sisters: heavy, dramatic and fierce. Interestingly enough, she presents herself as a breath of fresh air with her natural but glam makeup look and her very classical. If you’re as much of a fan of her as me, check out these tips on how to get Kendall Jenner’s beauty look.

  • ESTABLISH A FLAWLESS BASE – Kendall’s skin is always glowing and achieving that is the first step to getting this It girl’s beauty look. Look for a foundation that matches you perfectly (mix two or more shades if you must) and take your time applying your foundation, making it look as smooth as possible. Kendall’s makeup artist once revealed he takes a good 45 minutes doing foundation alone which explains why Kendall always looks so flawless.flawless kendall
  • STICK TO YOUR BROW SHAPE – it’s true what they say about brows: they frame your face and one of the things I always notice about Kendall Jenner is how nice and natural her brows are. She sticks to the natural shape and color of her brows which is why her beauty always seems effortless and natural.light and simple makeup
  • NEUTRAL AND NATURAL IS BEST – whoever says you can’t look glam with minimal makeup on surely has not seen Kendall Jenner yet. Kendall’s beauty look uses very neutral earth tones on the eyes and flattering neutral hues on the lips, save for the few times she rocks her signature orangey red lipstick. You could say that her everyday signature look is very polished and chic.kendall jenner neutral makeup
  • AIM FOR A STRONG LASH GAME – the Kardashian – Jenner brood is known for having the strongest and best lash game in the industry and while not everyone of us have been blessed with the same, we definitely can fake it with the help of lash extensions and falsies.fresh and glowing makeup look simple summer makeup with coral lips
  • LESS IS MORE – obviously, Kendall’s beauty look is a lot simpler than that of any of her sisters’. She prefers light and neutral eyes compared to intense smoky ones and, unless she’s on the runway, she keeps her face makeup light instead of having it heavily contoured. According to one of her interviews, Kendall’s philosophy when it comes to beauty is ‘less is more’ and we couldn’t agree more.kendall jenner red lipstick and no makeup look
  • MESSY IS SEXY – while she does not exactly have a signature hairstyle or haircut, I’ve noticed that Kendall likes her hair looking laidback and relaxed. Nothing too tight or too sleek for this gal on the regular; even her updos have sexy slivers of hair hanging about.

messy hair on red carpet messy hair hanging


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