6 Tips on Dressing for Workplace

Dressing for the workplace calls for a stylish and professional outfit, but the fine line between the two sometimes gets blurred. Taking fashion risks may be encouraged by fashion icons, but when it comes to work you have to know what is considered right and wrong in your wardrobe choices, even though you’re tired of wearing the same old professional attire five days a week. Let’s scoop some tricks from the costume designer for ABC’s hit series Scandal, Lyn Elizabeth Paolo to give you the ideas of professional work attire.

  1. Try on a selection of clothes and find out what really works on your body.

plaid office coat with red pumps

cozy pencil dress with office sweater

Knowing your body type will determine the clothes that work well for you. If you’re slim and have a good curve like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you might want to look for body-con or pencil style dresses that will look stylish and professional on you. Structured and boxy coats are great for concealing your tummy while cropped blazers are great for bottom-heavy women to highlight their slender waists.

  1. Find a good tailor.

pink blazer with creative office outfit pastel blue double breasted coat with pants

According to Lyn, they tailor everything on every show she works on. “We can try on twenty things before we find just the right thing for an actor and then we tailor,” she said. So, do the same and be kind to yourself during the process.

  1. Find classic pieces that work for you and for your line of work and stick to it.

camel turtleneck tunic top with wide leg pants classic gray culottes with blazer and office top

Forget fashion trends and avant-garde styles when it comes to dressing for work. Just find classic pieces that work for you and for your line of work and stick to it. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may opt for a classic turtleneck tunic top in a camel shade teamed with a white pair of dressy pants, or a blazer and matching culottes if you’re working in a creative field.

  1. Opt for high-quality shoes that fit you properly.

black classic pumps with casual office outfit classic pumps with casual office outfit and double breasted coat

If you are in a pair of shoes that just absolutely torture your feet you will never be effective at work. You will just be distracted. So buy shoes that fit you properly, so you can walk gracefully and confidently. “This is no place to skimp, buy a quality shoe that fits well and you will have a much happier and more efficient day,” she said.

  1. Be organized and plan your wardrobe ahead.

breezy culottes with white top and silk scarf tweed dress with sweater

It is a great idea to pick what you want to wear the night before, or perhaps plan your whole week on a Sunday so you are ready. You wouldn’t want to pull out an un-ironed blouse or a jacket with a missing button when you’re in a hurry. “I tend to wear a uniform to work. I have all of my look lined up in my closet from light to dark. Everything organized, in their appropriate categories. At work I even organize them by color so I can quickly pick the correct ones for the correct ensemble,” she said. By doing this, you’ll get out of the house much faster.

  1. Take a good care of your high-quality items.

sweater with white skirt layered office outfit with shoes

Always buy quality items that are going to last and then find a professional laundry cleaner with a great reputation. You are taking the time and making the effort to figure out what works for you, so take the same amount of time to find the right place to have your garments cleaned. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to dressed appropriately ad stylishly at your workplace.

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