6 Tips for Nailing Casual Fridays at the Workplace

Not every fashion and style enthusiast that works in an office setting has the privilege of taking one day off a week as a break from the everyday corporate dress code to wear whatever they want. Casual Fridays are, in a fashion lover’s eyes, the best day of the week at the office. It’s that one chance you get to work comfortably and stylishly without worrying too much about what you’re wearing. If you’re new to this, check out these tips on how you can nail casual Fridays at the workplace.

  1. Do not go all out – just because it’s casual Friday doesn’t mean you can go ahead and wear flip flops and tank tops to work. Remember that you’re still in the office and you’ll still be dealing with customers and clients so it’s important to look the part.simple casual friday outfit
  2. Go ahead and wear those colors – since it’s casual Friday, go ahead and break free from monotonous neutrals and wear those fun and colorful pieces that you’ve been waiting to wear for so long! Keep it on the down low, though, and avoid wearing too much and looking like a walking rainbow.cute dress for casual friday fun orange pencil skirt
  3. Add a trendy piece or two to your look – yes, you can wear those lace up flats you’ve been dying to rock since you bought them and yes, go ahead and wear something else that’s totally hot and on trend right now. Trendy pieces are welcome in your casual Friday wardrobe as long as they’re decent and do not show too much skin.bold casual friday outfit fabuous casual friday outfit
  4. Feel free to wear flats – one of the things I used to hate about working in an office is having to wear heels all the time. Come casual Friday, you are free to wear flats as long as they’re closed and decent.jessica alba casual work outfit fun and chic outfit
  5. Say hello to jeans – being able to wear comfy jeans to work is one of the best reasons to look forward to casual Fridays at the workplace so wear them well. However, stick to classic denims and stay away from frayed and distressed styles. Those are best reserved for street style weekend looks.chic casual work outfit
  6. Stay sharp – yes, casual Friday means dressing down but that’s no excuse to start looking sloppy. Remember that you’ll still be in the office so looking sharp and polished while being stylish is important. Consider wearing pieces that will give you a business casual look to really nail the part.striped shirt and skinny black pants


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