6 Timeless Fashion Tips from Stylists

Stylists know the tricks of trade whether you’re building a functional wardrobe or you’re aiming for a timeless style. So, keep on reading for the 6 timeless fashion tips from stylists and make your dressing routine and outfit styling easier.

  1. Less is more.

skinny jeans with off shoulder chambray top

all white outfit with ankle boots

Whether you have a minimalist, sophisticated, or modern style, less is more. “I wish people understood that in fashion, less is more.  For example, if you are wearing an off-the-shoulder top, make that your focal point. You don’t need anything else. Huge earrings or a statement necklace will be overwhelming—the top is sexy chic as is,” says Jennifer Berger, stylist and president of Wear it Well. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, think of an off-shoulder top teamed with skinny jeans make a casual-chic statement, and leave the statement accessories at home.

  1. When going shopping, you have to try stuff on.

chic all white shopping outfit nude dress with sheer blouse

Whenever you think something looks good but you think you couldn’t pull it off, take it to the dressing room and try it on. “Some of my most successful styling jobs started with a client saying to me ‘forget it, it’s not my cut, or color, or length’ only for them to end up loving it after they tried it on. What do you have to lose?” says Mr. Hernandez

  1. Investment pieces are actually a good deal.

ankle boots with boho urban outfit gray tee with nude pants and designer valentino shoes

If you think high-end style is a bit pricey, yet you have a lot of fast-fashion pieces, think again. “You’ll get more value if you spend your money on one good investment piece that you’ll use for years, instead of wasting money on multiple pieces that aren’t classic,” says Ms. Halcro. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may think of a classic handbag that will go well with from your casual tees to your dressier outfits.

  1. Spend more on flat shoes.

lug sole zipped sneakers with cozy dress and lace topstatement shoes with all white outfit and belted fur scarf

How many times have you splurged on a party gown you’ve worn one or twice? When going shopping, it makes sense to think of cost per wear, just like a pair of flat shoes. Whether it’s a pair of ballet flats, sneakers, or masculine shoes, you’ll get the most out of it if you’ll wear them more often. Bionda Castana’s shoe designer Natalia Barbieri says, if you can only buy one expensive pair, make it your everyday flats, not your stiletto showstoppers. Also, Nick Wakeman of cult label Studio Nicholson advises to make the building blocks of your wardrobe as amazing as you can.

  1. Have a “wear this week” rail.

pastel blue modern suit with doctor's bag modern classic all-gray outfit

Since women only wear 20 percent of their wardrobe 80 percent of the time, think of having a “wear this week” rail. You may do this by having a stand-alone rail with a selection of pieces you must work into your outfits that week, which will mix things up a bit and forgotten items get a look-in. For women without expansive walk-in wardrobes, simply set aside a small section of your wardrobe rail for your weekly edit, so the stuff at the bottom gets a wear.

  1. Don’t hide, but highlight.

pastel pink full skirt with chic top modern classic suit with white blouse

Dress to show off your favorite areas and not to hide the ones you don’t love. “We all have trouble areas so choosing your outfit based on hiding behind your clothes is negative.  Instead, focus on the areas you love then dress them accordingly. Not only will you look great but it will help you appreciate the good things about your body instead of worrying about the ‘problems,'” says Ms. Brucker. By heeding these tricks from stylists, you’ll be able to get a timeless wardrobe that serves you well and a timeless style that transcends trends.

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