6 Things You Can Purge from Your Closet

A streamlined closet leads to organized life and polished style. Before starting your wardrobe purge, read first our list to know the things you can purge from your closet so you’ll have clutter-free and organized wardrobe in no time.

  1. Knock-Offs

printed blanket scarf

sporty cool outfit with slip on sandals printed trousers with white blouse

Buying copycat item whether it’s a bag, shoes, scarf and such at a fraction of the price of the original designer piece is certainly tempting, but it comes with a host of sociological concerns. So, simply clean your closet and your conscience by getting rid of anything in this category and invest for a real designer piece you may be proud of anywhere you go.

  1. Ill-fitting Clothes

printed pants with blazer safari jacket with tank top travel outfit with boots

If something fits you so poorly, the alterations are going to cost more than garment’s original value. Unless you love the piece so dearly, let it find a home elsewhere. Remember, anything that makes you feel exposed or uncomfortable will not boost your confidence when wearing it. For instance, oversized tops, super low-rise jeans, and loose tops may be in style, but they’re uncomfortable and impractical. Send them on their way as your clothing should make you feel beautiful, not self-conscious.

  1. “Motivational” Clothing

chambray shirtdress maxi dress with sandalssafari inspired jumpsuit

Many women keep too-small clothing around as an incentive to lose weight, but doing so can actually be discouraging. Instead, make a little room in your closet for new purchases to reward yourself as you reach your goals. Remember, the clothes that flatter your present body are the ones that deserve a space in your closet.

  1. Painful Heels

platform sandals with pastel outfit flowy outfit with heels black dress with heels

It doesn’t matter how pretty or expensive your heels are as if a pair of sandals is so uncomfortable you always change out of them before you even leave the house and they’re just taking up space. Before buying shoes the next time, always go for a comfortable pair, even it’s more expensive rather than buying two pairs in cheaper prices that will only sit in your closet for years.

  1. Hopelessly Outdated Trends

velvet top with cutoff shorts vintage blouse with skirt

The dark side of buying trendy items is they will soon become obsolete regardless of its designer label and price. Before tossing an item, think first if you can refresh your looks with them, or if you can modernize their style. If not, it’s time to purge them from your closet.

  1. Cheap-Looking Outfits

fringe dress with chain earrings sequin dress with lace up sandals statement top with shorts

Whether you’re aiming for a relaxed or polished style, purge those cheap looking outfits from your closet so you’ll keep your great sense of style regardless of the prices of your pieces. Generally, an outfit will easily look cheap if it has a lot of frills, cheap sequins, too casual fabric, or statement patterns that make them look slouchy and uninteresting. Remember, by purging these things from your closet, you’ll be able to create a more polished style and a more organized life.

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