6 Things to Learn from Women with a Low Maintenance Style

Whether you’re a fan of casual or dressy outfits, you can always draw inspiration from women with a low maintenance style to look chic with a minimum effort. So, keep on reading for the 6 things that you can learn from women with low maintenance styles that you can incorporate into your dressing routines.

  1. An all-black outfit is the easiest way to look streamlined and polished.

culottes jumpsuit with slip on sandals

sneakers with all black outfit slouchy sweater with ripped jeans

A monochromatic outfit, especially in black, always looks more timeless over mix and match pieces. However, to avoid looking slouchy, keep the balance of your silhouettes and that fabric contrast of your pieces. If you’re wearing an all black outfit, top it with a structured coat for an instant polish. When wearing an oversized sweater, balance it with a pair of skinny jeans.

  1. T-shirts and jeans combination is the most comfortable outfit.

white jeans with brown tee and heels white tee with denim jeans and pumps

When your friends want to go out, your favorite thing to wear is a t-shirt and your nicest-looking jeans. To keep everything look polished, opt for a pair of skinny jeans and a plain colored top. Boyfriend jeans with rips, tears, and frays easily look slouchy so better trade them with white, black, or blue pair of skinny jeans.

  1. Dresses and jumpsuits are also great for making your looks chic effortlessly.

nude jumpsuit with sandals white summer dress with sunglasses striped dress with peep toe boots

Wearing dresses or jumpsuits are great for looking a bit feminine without too much effort. Simply go for a simple style or classic print that can add some personality to your street looks. Also, plain and pastel colored jumpsuits with clean lines look more effortless over printed ones with complicated designs.

  1. Wearing a chic blazer or jacket is more effective than wearing fancy accessories.

mesh dress with leather jacket tweed jacket with black outfit structured blazer with tee and slouchy pants

Accessories like necklaces, bangles, hats, scarves and such usually add some flair to your looks. However, a woman with a low maintenance style finds toppers more efficient in dressing up your looks over fancy accessories. For an edgy statement, opt for a leather jacket that will add some masculine flair to your feminine outfit. On the other hand, a structured blazer can add instant polish to your slouchy outfit.

  1. Get a one pair of shoes that you’ll wear with 95% of your wardrobe.

flat sandals with backless top and skirt sneakers with casual cool outfit loafers with casual outfit with biker jacket

Whenever you hear that you have to wear heels to an event, you get considerably less excited because flat shoes and sneakers are your favorites. To make your flats work well with any of your outfits, go for neutral shades of white, tan, black, camel, nude, khaki and such.

  1. Wearing sweater with sleeveless tops and dresses is the easiest way to look chic.

slip dress with striped sweater cold shoulder top with sweater and jeans

A woman with a low maintenance style still wears sexy clothes, yet with a demure twist. If you feel unsure about wearing your slip dresses and spaghetti tops on your street style, simply wear them with a fitted sweater to balance the revealing detail. By taking inspirations from women with low maintenance styles, you’ll make your everyday dressing easier and comfortable.

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