6 Things to Inspire Your Summer Looks with Darya Kamalova

Creating various looks and styles may seem challenging to some that’s why we often draw inspirations from most stylish bloggers and fashion icons we look up to. Mind behind the Cablook blog, Darya Kamalova is a Russian blogger known for her creative street style inspired by various influences. According to her, she’s a fan of blue sea, animals, sunsets, books and other roots that can be mirrored through her outfits. If you’re looking for some inspiration to refresh your summer looks, keep on reading to get some clues from her.

  1. Fruits

fruit print bag with tweed dress

watermelon clutch with checkered dress strawberry print blazer with white outfit orange bag with pink and white stripes fruit print swimsuit fruit print pants with yellow top

Summer is the perfect season to go juicy on your colors for a vibrant look. Like Darya, you may bring your style to the next level not only by going for fruity colors, but also incorporating fruit prints into your outfits for a playful look. For instance, you may trade you casual jeans with a pair of lemon print pants, or add some flair to your all-white outfit with a strawberry print blazer like Darya did. Or, have the courage to wear fruit-shaped clutches ranging from apples, oranges, watermelons, mangoes, and such to channel your playful vibe this summer.

  1. Nature

cloud print top with cut out skirt tropical print top with neon shorts and bag seashell necklace with pastel top ocean inspired outfit ocean inspired ombre dress

Scenery print skirts, tropical print tees, and ombre dresses in ocean colors are great pieces to add some life to your summer looks. However if you feel too quirky wearing these motifs on your street looks, you may start with accessories like necklaces, earrings, clutches, shoes, bags, and sunglasses. Like Darya, you may go for a seashell necklace that will spice up your simple outfit while bringing some nature-inspired theme into your summer style.

  1. Abstract Art

art inspired dress with orange pumps structured jumpsuit with tee fruit clutch with art inspired skirt and pink tank top

If you’re a fan of colors and wish to add some life to your summer looks, think of abstract art that may inspire your outfits. Like Darya, you may go for a painting-inspired skirt, watercolor blotted dress, or even a simple structured jumpsuit featuring some sharp edges and symmetries drawn from geometry. This way, you’ll look artsy enough even you’re just wearing neutral palette.

  1. Military Uniform

camo jacket with graphic top and black shorts sailor cap with sheer black dress military inspired dress with nude pumps camo print jacket with green dress

Looking for some tough-girl vibe on your summer looks? Draw inspiration from a military uniform that will add some effortless yet tough vibe to your looks. Like Darya, you may think of a camouflage print jacket that will go well with your summer dresses and casual tees. Also, a sailor cap can be great if you’re a fan of feminine dresses so you wouldn’t look too tough on your street style.

  1. Gemstones

amethyst purple outfit emerald green dress with orange pumps coral cape dress with metallic sandals

If you’re a fan of sophisticated and glamorous look, then draw inspiration from gemstones that can spice up your summer looks. Emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, lime, tourmaline and such are just some of the jewel tones that you may opt for creating an elegant look this summer season.

  1. Fictional Characters or Cartoons

snoopy graphic tee with white pants novelty print tee with metallic gold skirt novelty print shirt with skirt mermaid inspired dress with heels flowy dress with floral cap

For a more playful and quirky style this summer, think of your favorite fictional characters or cartoons that will bring some fun to your summer wardrobe. Like Darya, you may think of a superhero or a snoopy print on your tees to make a statement for you. Also, drawing inspirations from mythological goddesses, mermaids, and such can be great to bring some flair to your summer looks like Darya did, wearing her mermaid-inspired sequin dress that spiced her summer looks.

Indeed, the key to a stylish and personalized style is to bring your imaginations into life and draw inspirations from the things you love. After all, fashion is meant to express who you are with the clothes you’re wearing.

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