6 Things to Discard from Your Wardrobe

As much as you love your wardrobe, you may fail to discard clothes and accessories that have become old and unusable. So, keep on reading for the 6 things to discard from your wardrobe that will make your style updated and polished.

  1. Discolored White Tops



Regardless how expensive or stylish your white top is, stains, discolored, or worn-out pieces won’t look fashionable. Versatile, comfortable, and chic, white shirts, tees, blouses, and blazers can add some polish to your everyday looks. Like fashion blogger Nini Nguyen, you may crop your white office shirt to make it work on your casual weekends without looking too corporate. If you think your white top is losing its sheen, it means it is time to buy a new one.

  1. Oversized Clothes

oversized-sweater-with-wide-leg-pants structured-blazer-with-casual-outfit

No doubt loose clothes are still in fashion. However, fashion-forward women fail to understand the difference between loose and oversized outfits. You cannot wear something that makes you look like your floating in the air. Also, an oversized trend has its own rules to look polish and not sloppy. So, if you’re on to classy, sophisticated, and elegant style, discard those oversized clothes from your closet.

  1. Worn-out Footwear

stiletto-pumps-with-white-dress tasseled-sandals-with-casual-chic-outfit

Though you spent a lot of time buying your favorite pair of shoes that you wear with almost every other outfit, one can’t use it for years even after they’ve become old and worn out. So pay attention to your shoes if they’ve got scratches, scuffs, missing heel and such that needs to be repaired or discard from your wardrobe.

  1. Faded Clothes

ripped-jeans-with-frilly-top silk-maxi-dress

This rule does not apply to just black pieces, but also any other colored outfit that has faded. Denim jeans and acid-washed pieces may be fashionable for some, but not every ensemble look equally presentable like them. Unless you’re aiming for an intentional look of head-to-toe casual cool, discard stained clothes that cannot be fixed.

  1. Identical Pieces

flared-jeans-with-off-shoulder-top vintage-top-with-midi-skirt

If you bought a dress that looks just like the one you picked last season, it is time to get rid of the one that has become old. Just because you like a pattern or a design, it doesn’t mean that you must have them in different colors in your wardrobe. Remember to experiment with fashion. However, jeans, tees, and button-down shirts may be an exemption to the rule providing that you wear them on a daily basis and they’ve got different function a single piece can’t serve you well.

  1. Ill-fitting Clothes

gray-pants-with-blazer breezy-navy-and-black-outfit

Remember, your closet must only have the clothes that fit your present body. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for the last 10 years to wear that figure-hugging dress that you bought during your slim days, if you still haven’t managed to lose weight, get over it and buy something that fits your figure now. By considering our guidelines, you’ll be able to get a stylish and functional closet that you can rely on.

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