6 Things to Consider Before Going Blonde

Gone are the days when going into fall meant going for darker hair colors as well. Today, most of the summer hair hues we love are making it big in the fall hair trends department and blonde is definitely one of them. Whether you’re going platinum, strawberry, ash or whatever other hue, these 7 things to consider before going blonde are definitely going to help you make a better decision.


  • BLONDE JOKES – this one’s really a minor issue, depending on where you stand on the blonde stereotype but let’s just get it out of the way, shall we? Once you go blonde, you might as well expect the blonde jokes to keep on coming. Though they’re nothing to be affected about, you should know that constantly hearing stereotypical jokes against women with blonde hair can be a bit tiring so heads up!

ultra platinum blonde

  • THE DAMAGE IS REAL – forget about the struggle, the damage is the realest thing you need to know about and consider before you decide to go blonde. If you have naturally dark hair, especially, bleaching may be required and this is one of the things that cause damage to the hair the most. Of course, there’s also the damage from the hair color itself as well as from the other chemical treatments needed to be done to make the blonde color vibrant on your hair.

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  • THE UPKEEP IS PRETTY SERIOUS BUSINESS – once you do decide to push through with it and go blonde, remember that you won’t have as much down time as you used to simply because the upkeep of blonde hair is pretty serious business. A hair mask is needed at least once a week, your roots will need touching up every now and then, the endless search for the perfect product to keep your hair from looking brassy will begin to eat up your time, you might even burn a hole in your pocket trying out several different products all the time. Blonde hair is pretty high maintenance, too, so remember that before you make the switch.

golden yellow blonde platinum blonde

  • YOU WILL NEED NEW MAKEUP – yes, new hair means new makeup when you’re making a change as big as this. The colors that made your skin come to life when you were brunette are not going to be the same colors that will perk up your look once you go blonde.

buttery blonde hair

  • YOU NEED A SPECIALIST – if you really want the best blonde color for your hair and if you want to avoid hassles and disappointments, it’s better to look for a hair colorist who specializes in doing dark to blonde hair transitions.

blonde with highlights warm honey blonde

  • IT’S GOING TO TAKE A WHILE – depending on how dark your current hair color is, you should know that going blonde isn’t going to be completed in one sitting. You will have to come in for a few sessions to lighten your hair gradually until you reach the color you desire. That is, if you don’t want to just go on ahead and murder your tresses.

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