6 Surprising Clothing Fixes You Didn’t Realize a Tailor Can Make

If you have a lot of clothes you’re tired of wearing, think of taking it to a tailor. Think beyond pants hem as your tailor can also replace the collar of your favorite dress and even raise the neckline on a not-so-modest blouse. If you think of a style and wardrobe revamp, keep on reading for the 6 surprising clothing fixes you didn’t realize a tailor can make.

  1. Create a new neckline or replace collars.

collared top with high waist pastel shorts

embellished pink collar dress

If you love a certain shirt or dress but hate its neckline, ask your tailor if he can change it up. A professional will be able to switch things around by adding a panel to cover up cleavage or removing the collar from a button-down. For a more creative fix, think of placing embellishments on your collared dress to make it more preppy and feminine. While this service isn’t available at all shops, it is possible to replace a worn-out collar or cuff on a favorite button down. Also, the alteration is also expensive, so only do it on pieces you truly love.

  1. Hem a pleated skirt.

chiffon blouse with nude pleated skirt and nude pumps mustard sweater with pleated skirt

Pleated miniskirts are all the rage this season. While adjusting the hem on a midi skirt is almost impossible, a professional can press the pleats out, shorten the skirt, and redo each pleat with an iron. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of a pleated miniskirt that will look preppy chic with your conservative chiffon blouse.

  1. Add a zipper to a dress.

sexy zipped white dress water inspired zipped dress

If you got a dress that’s way too hard to get into, add a zipper. Just take into consideration that installing the hardware will make the body of the dress a bit tighter. You may think of your stretchy dresses that can be easier to fit into if they have zippers, making your dressing routine effortless.

  1. Adjust the shoulder of a coat or jacket.

military coat with classic pumps military coat with gray boots

Adjusting the shoulder of a coat or jacket can get a bit pricey, so try to buy blazers and jackets with shoulders that fit properly. However, if you’ve got one you just can’t let go of, take it to your tailor. As a rule of thumb, the shoulder seam should meet the sleeve of the jacket right where your arm meets your shoulder and the entire shoulder should lie flat.

  1. Line a sheer garment.

black lace dress with leopard print bag and pumps white lace dress

If you didn’t realize a dress was sheer until you got it home, take it to your tailor so he could sew in a nude liner that matches your skin tone and conceals everything else. Remember, wrong undergarments could also be the culprit, and having it lined may be great to conceal your flaws.

  1. Take in the body of a jacket or shirt.

coat with edgy outfit and skinny scarf casual chic outfit with structured military jacket

Your tailor will be able to take in an inch or so on most pieces. However, keep it reasonable as the alteration will likely be limited to about one size down. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to revamp your style and wardrobe without going shopping.

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