6 Summer Looks Inspired From Instagram

Summer is almost done for this year, ladies! And while the breeze is not yet that cold and the sun is still high up in the sky, let us all flaunt up in the best clothes in our summer wardrobe. And where else could we find the best outfit inspos but in the social media platform we all love: Instagram.

Ever since Instagram started out, it has become one of the fastest growing social media network in the world and the fashion bloggers all over the globe are making their own fashion community in it. Here are 6 summer looks inspired from Instagram.

Halter Everything

Whether it is a halter top or a halter skater dress, halters are definitely getting insanely popular in Instagram this summer. And why wouldn’t it be? It is a great thing to wear especially during hot weathers. Most of the halter tops you can find these days are fitted which makes them an amazing top to pair with A-line skirts and other balloony or flared bottoms. And they are also great alternative for body suits.halter dress summer

halter top summer

Cold Shoulder

It may still be hot out but cold shoulders are all the rage this summer and you can see how much Instagramming fashionistas loved this piece. This one is great for those who still can’t bare their entire shoulders. Cold shoulder has that same romantic and alluring air that a complete off-shoulder could bring.cold shoulder romper cold shoulder dress

Crochet Galore

Whether your clothing is entirely made of crochet or it has some crochet accents to it, crochet is definitely one of the most loved textures these recent years. And this summer is no exception. Crochet definitely shines the brightest during the warmer seasons of spring and summer. I highly suggest going for either light or vibrant colors with this so that the essence of summer will truly stand out.crochet top summer dress with crochet overlay

Ruffle Accents

Back in the seventies and the eighties, ruffles were absolutely abundant. But for this era, you can see that ruffles are wonderful in small doses. Ruffles can make a simple outfit look playful and summery. It is definitely a good accent to add into your outfit. Be mindful on the placement of the ruffles and what it can do to your overall outfit and body. For instance, if you have a small bust, it is strategic to wear a top with ruffles around the chest.ruffled off-shoulder top ruffled gingham top

Vertical Stripes

Stripes are constant presence in our wardrobe all year round. But this summer, vertical stripes are definitely creating their own tiny spotlight. And they are great for almost every body shape, too, especially for the petite ladies out there. A bottom with vertical stripes, particularly pants and maxi skirts or dresses, can create the illusion of longer legs.vertical stripes maxi skirt vertical stripes shortsBodycons

Bodycon is definitely an unexpected surprise this season. And what is really wonderful with this snug dress is that it’s actually flattering to any body shape—even for those in maternity! Pairing them with sneakers create an athleisure look while heels make it even more alluring.pink bodycon dress bodycon and cardigan

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