6 Stylists’ Tips on Your Wardrobe Basics

The building blocks of your closet, wardrobe basics are one of the most functional and timeless ensembles you may go for to get a fashion-forward look. If you find your tee, jeans, turtleneck, and boots plain and boring, keep on reading for the 6 stylist’s tips on your wardrobe basics.

  1. Stop worrying about the size on the tag as there is no such thing as “one size fits all”.

fur coat with leather trousers

zipped leather trousers with cardigan

When going shopping, remember that every body is different and nothing is truly one-size-fits-all. This might mean buying something in your ‘size’ will going to fit you all the time. Also, going for free-size clothes is the quickest route to fashion disaster and to making you look unkempt. “People get very invested in being a certain size but this is a huge mistake as different designers cut for different body types and also, many companies ‘play with size’ in order to flatter customers. Buy what fits, regardless of the number on the tag,” says personal stylist Michael O’Connor.

  1. Some people really should stick to the basics.

camel coat with plaid scarf and boots colorful coat with fringed dress and boots

“For most people it helps to stick to a basic color palette, like black, gray, white, oatmeal and tan. Then you can get a little crazy—think metal, wood, bright patterns—with outstanding accent pieces,” says Ms. Morzin. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may opt for a basic ensemble like a coat in pastel hues to spice up your basic look a bit.

  1. Cheap artificial fabrics make you look cheap and artificial.

cozy coat with black slip dress urban outfit with trench coat

“Natural fabrics longer, and feel better, and look more expensive. I can see the difference in, say, a silk chiffon blouse versus a polyester chiffon blouse in an instant. Silk moves nicer, feels nicer, and looks more expensive even if the item wasn’t more expensive,” says Ms. Lowe. Splurging for high-quality basics can be great as you’ll wear them for a lifetime. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, think of a modern cut trench coat that will add some polish to your urban outfits.

  1. A white t-shirt is the number one most important piece in your closet.

white tee with gray midi skirt and lace up sandals white tee with leather trousers and tuxedo blazer

“My secret style weapon is a perfect classic durable white tee. It never goes out of style and you can dress it up with a blazer, black skinny jeans, and a pair of heels,” says Ms. Berger. Like fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, think of a white tee teamed with a midi skirt that will add some casual flair to your minimalist style.

  1. This season’s must-have is next season’s fashion must-never.

skinny jeans with off shoulder chambray top striped dress with navy coat

Unless you have a lot of money to spend, don’t buy a highly trendy item in a very expensive price because in just a few months it’s almost guaranteed to be on the ‘out’ list next year. “One example this season are the embellished handbags. These fun bags with stars, hearts, moons, and beading can be super fun for some nights out but really shouldn’t be a big part of your fashion budget,” says Mr. Hernandez. You may look to fast fashion stores for great versions at an affordable price.

  1. You probably already have enough clothes.

white top with skirt and ankle boots casual outfit with lightweight coat

Many of us already own plenty of clothes, but we just need to use them in new ways to make them feel fresh and interesting. Try to create new outfits by mixing what’s already in your closet in new and unexpected ways. By heeding our tricks, you can revamp your wardrobe in a weekend effortlessly.

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