6 Stylish Fashion Combinations for Everyday Wear

For some, stylish combinations of outfits in their everyday lives come naturally while others find it challenging. If you’re looking for inspirations to inspire your style when mapping out your outfit every single morning, keep on reading to look fashion forward on your everyday wear.

1. Monochromatic dressing

nude dress with heels

all black outfit monochrome outfit with classic pumps studded heels with all-red outfit

If you think monochromatic dressing is dull and boring you’re wrong. In fact, it shows the creativity of the wearer it pulling off single colors in different fabric textures to make them interesting and creative. Think of statement making fabrics like cashmere, velvet, tweed, satin, patent leather or even embellished touches, embroidered patterns, and sequins on the same hues of your theme. You can even create multiple layers with your coat, jacket, or even sweater perfectly suited for colder months.

2. Black and White

white blouse with chic shorts white dress with vest

The classic combination of black and white is timeless and never goes out of style. It’s simple, chic and sophisticated giving off elegance to your looks. If you want something to break the black and white contrast, wear some gold jewelry or even silver ones to add some touch of metallic to your classic look. Sunglasses, structured bags, classic pumps, and clutch add to the sophistication of the look.

3. Color Blocking

black and blue outfit with neon coat color blocked outfit pink shirt with red skirt purple top with neon skirt

If you’re a fan of colors, you may wear all of them on your outfit through color blocking style, or if you’re bold enough mix those unexpected color combinations like pink-and-red, green-and-blue, yellow-and-blue, red-and-yellow and such. If it’s your first time to do the style, start by picking a fashion piece with color blocked panels and build your ensembles from there picking solid-colored shoes, necklace, bag, and even a hat. When wearing the unexpected color combinations, make them intentionally by keeping the color palette on your overall looks. For instance, if you wish to wear pink-and-red combo, just stick to the two shades and avoid adding more shades to keep them polished and clean.

4. Plains and Prints

camouflage coat with black outfit op art black and white dress snake skin print top with slit skirt zebra coat with casual outfit

An another classic fashion combination, plain and prints style is combining clothes that are of plain and solid colors with those that have gorgeous prints. This style gives dimension and interest to your looks especially when you wear stylish prints like stripes, polka dots, houndstooth, op-art, abstract, novelty, and even floral ones. Pairing your printed piece with a solid-colored ensemble gives emphasis to the prints, and brings out their pretty details. Just keep in mind that the dominant color on the print must be the same color as its plain counterpart or a contrasting color to make your entire outfit cohesive.

5. Print on Print

checkered outfit with heels checkered skirt with striped top floral blazer with striped dress striped top with checkered pants

Know to be a fashion faux pas, print on print trend is an art of mixing two prints in one outfit intentionally clashing them or harmonizing them to create a stylish look. You can choose to do different prints or the same prints in different colors and sizes as long as you keep the harmony on the looks. For instance, you may wear different colors of the same prints or wear different prints of the same color. Just be mindful if you’re heading to a formal occasion or corporate meeting as this may look stylish but not so professional. So, better save this style on your casual street looks on the weekend.

6. Denim on Denim

studded heels with denim on denim outfit denim on denim outfit chambray top with denim skirt

Another fashion faux pas known, denim on denim trend may seem odd when you see it actually worn, but still look chic and stylish when done properly. When wearing denim on denim, remember to wear a light wash with a dark wash to add texture and variation to your outfit. For instance, you may wear a chambray blouse in a light fabric with a light wash, and pair it with a denim skirt in a dark wash. This way, you maintain that laid-back and casual feel of denim without looking boring and dull.


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