6 Style Tips to Make Your Go-To Outfits Feel New Again

When we feel disenchanted with our wardrobes, we assume that an extra shopping trip could fix the problem. However, thinking creatively on how to style those clothes you already own can save you time and money. Since heading into a new season is the perfect time to take stock of what you already have in your wardrobe, get some fresh ideas to style your go-to outfits a little differently.

  1. Get experimental with layers.

gingham summer dress with button down top

jumper dress with button down shirt and turtleneck top

When transitioning into warmer months, you can still get a stylish outfit by experimenting with your layers. If it’s still too cold to wear your favorite summer dress in the early spring, think of wearing a chic button-down shirt with it like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did. Also, un-tucking your shirt underneath a sweater can make it look more stylish and casual while elongating your silhouette.

  1. Put a knot in it.

leather jacket with fall dress and boots scarf with vintage gray and orange outfit

Fashion blogger Sara Donaldson shows that tying a knot in a sweater when you wear it over a dress can help add shape and definition to your waist. You can also try layering a shirt over a dress in the cooler months, tying the bottom in a knot for the same effect. Or, simply knot your favorite scarf to add some flair to your vintage outfit like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge did.

  1. Roll up the sleeves and pop the collar.

button down shirt with retro floral dress button down shirt with skinny jeans and fringe sandals

As fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur demonstrates, rolling up the sleeves and popping the collar on your favorite button down shirt can make your outfit look even more effortlessly stylish. You may also think of wearing a contrasting shirt underneath your jacket and rolling the shirt cuffs over the jacket cuffs for another fun look.

  1. Wear statement jewelry.

statement necklace with chic outfit vintage jewelry with casual outfit

Adding a statement necklace is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your look, so dig through your drawers and try wearing some accessories you haven’t used for a while. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldrige, vintage necklaces can add some flair to your casual boyfriend jeans and classic button-down shirt, making it look creative with a vintage touch.

  1. Get inventive with your accessories.

flared trousers with classic coat and shawl collar dress with bomber jacket

There are plenty of inventive ways to add one to your outfit. Do you have any dresses that are on the looser side? Adding a belt around your waist can mix up your look and make it more structured. Or, like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of striped sandals and a cobalt blue clutch that can add some flair to your abstract print dress and bomber jacket.

  1. Polish your outfit with heels.

off shoulder top with ripped jeans and white heels nude mules with leather culottes and black top

If you’re feeling a bit frumpy in an outfit, try switching up your footwear to add some height and change your posture. You’ll be surprised at the difference this small tweak can make. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, wearing a pair of peep-toe pumps with your boyfriend jeans and basic top can elevate your outfit. By heeding our tricks, you won’t need heading to the mall for a wardrobe refresh. In fact, it will help you fall in love with your existing clothes all over again.

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