6 Style Tips on How To Wear Bralette

They are soft, light, and very comfortable to wear. It is no wonder that bralettes are becoming more appealing to women who are looking for a more comfy alternative to the traditional wired bras with thick paddings and moulded cups. Most bralettes are simple, tailored like that of a sports bra, and with minimal–though oftentimes fashionable–frills and lacy accents.

Back in the good old days, the very idea of showing the strap of a bra is already frowned upon. But now, we see many stylish women who flaunt with their top underwear either partially or fully exposed. Bralettes are basically just bras but they offer not only a comfy alternate but also a more stylish aesthetic than the typical bra. This is what makes it so great to wear in an outfit where you plan on showing off a little or a lot of your under layer of clothing. Below are 6 style tips on how to wear bralette.

1. Wear it underneath a loose shirt

Some of us oftentimes don’t try wearing loose tops that can reveal your upper underwear. Because the traditional bras aren’t something that some of us are comfortable of exposing publicly and bandeaus are–especially on warmer seasons like what we’re having today and the following months–too hot and uncomfortable to wear. That being said, a bralette with fashionable accents are great alternatives to wear underneath loose shirts. If you are wearing an edgy tomboy look, a lacy bralette could give a feminine touch to your ensemble.


2. Wear it underneath a blazer

Wearing blazers as top and not as an outerwear has certainly become a trend in recent seasons. But of course, not everyone has the guts to dive into the trend bandwagon that easily. If you want, you can wear a stylish bralette underneath so you won’t have to worry whether your chest will spill out in front of God and everybody all throughout the night or day or whenever the event in which you’ll be wearing the outfit happens.

bralette under blazer blazer over bralette

3. Wear it underneath a lacy overlay

We are all in love with the sexiness that comes with wearing a top in full lace, right? At least most of us, right? Then, wearing a bralette underneath may give this edgy and alluring trend an added sartorial appeal. Because you will be wearing a see-through top, it is highly recommended to wear a stylish under-top and bralettes can come in aesthetically and fashionably pleasing designs.

bralette over lace overlay bralette under lacy overlay

4. Wear it as a crop top

Bralettes certainly come in various range of simplicity to extravagance when it comes to the design. There are bralettes that you can even pull off like it is a crop top. These kinds of bralettes are great to be paired up with high waisted bottoms or, better yet, a similar colored mid-rise to high-waisted bottoms that will make you look like your wearing matching coordinates.

bralette crop top bralette as crop top

5. Wear it with a skirt

As I mentioned above, you can pull off bralettes like crop tops. That said, pairing it with a sleek and fit pencil skirt often gives a semi-formal yet very sexy look and it is often more feminine that its pants alternatives.

bralette and calf length skirt bralette and skirt

6. Wear it with a pair of trousers

Bralettes and skirt outfit combo is very feminine. Meanwhile, pairing your bralette with any kind of trousers often gives a more relaxed and tomboyish look.

bralette and slouchy pants bralette and wide pants

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