6 Spring Beauty Trends to Master Now

Only a few days left before spring and we’re spending them by looking up makeup trends that we can’t way to try and master. Of course, there will always be those trends from the past that will rise back up to the surface and become popular again but there will, for sure, be new trends that will have us feeling excited and interested at the same time. Can’t wait to see what spring will bring in the beauty department? Check out these spring beauty trends that you need to master now.


  1. Soft and feminine – here’s one look that I personally am very excited about, especially after seasons of heavy contour and deep, dark colors dominating the beauty scene. Soft and feminine looks can be achieved by opting for lighter colors including pastels and nudes. You can also achieve this by going for light and minimal but long lasting makeup.soft and feminine rose makeup look
    soft rainbow makeup
  2. Minimalist – speaking of minimal makeup, the minimalist beauty trend is back which means less is more once again. This is perfect considering that the weather is about to get sweltering hot. Get your skin ready before spring officially comes by upping your skincare game now so you can rock that no makeup look later.minimalist no makeup makeup look minimalist makeup glowing skin
  3. Disco dance party – now, if you’re not the kind of girl who goes for minimalist looks, you can always choose this other trend which is the disco dance party look. Dark eyes, bright blush and even brighter lips — what could be more perfect to complement your fun and playful spring time look?disco party makeup disco makeup hot pink lips
  4. Straight brows – say goodbye to perfectly arched eyebrows on fleek (and the struggle that it comes with!) and hellp to straight, boyish brows that require minimal effort to achieve and maintain. Taken out of the Korean beauty playbook, this one is definitely something that’ll give you a more youthful look.straight brows korean trend straight brows with western features
  5. Glossy lips – 2016 was all about matte lip colors (and matte everything else, basically) but this spring marks the comeback of glossy lips. If you’ve always been fond of juicy puckers, you’ll surely love this trend! I don’t know about you but I’m kind of wishing we’d see glitter glosses again.glossy lips and nude face glossy nude lips
  6. Glossy liner – lips aren’t the only things that are bound to get glossy this spring. One other trend we’re looking at right now are glossy waterlines, thanks to vinyl-like liners used for dramatic cat eyes and simpler looks. Glossy eyeliner is a great way to lift tired-looking eyes too, so I know a lot of girls are already excited for this.wet liner look wet liner look dark eye makeup



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