6 Sporty Outfits for the Super Bowl

The recently concluded Super Bowl gave us a ton of outfit ideas and we’re not only talking about athletic looks to wear to other sporting events but also ones that are street style chic.As a true fashion and style enthusiast, events like the Super Bowl can be considered a gold mine for outfit inspiration. Here are some of the chic looks that we were able to rack up in our brains from watching the exciting game.

  1. Die-hard Patriots fan – for the die-hard New England Patriots fans out there, these red and blue outfits are perfect. As you know, red and blue are the colors of the New England Patriots team, and these outfits are the perfect ones to wear and get inspired by when you want to cheer your favorite team.red and blue sporty and preppy look
    red and blue patriots ed and blue athleisure
  2. Falcon lover – red, white, and black – these are the colors that you’ll want in your outfit if you’re planning on supporting your beloved team — the Atlanta Falcons. If you want to go all out and rock all the colors, sprinkle a bit of silver somewhere in your look. What’s great about this color palette is that it’s very versatile and wearable — nothing too crazy or too bold — so pulling it off is easy. Here are a few outfit inspirations.white red and jeans white and red with black white and red casual outfit
  3. All-pink and girly – we all swooned when Lady Gaga posted up a picture of her in a head to toe pink ensemble complete with a personalized pink helmet on Instagram during the Super Bowl so these monochromatic pink outfits are going to be amazing if you’re looking for inspiration on something girly to wear to sporting events like the Super Bowl.all pink gigi hadid outfit all pink game day look casual
  4. Neutral athleisure – not a fan of either teams playing? You can always look sporty without wearing any of the team colors by opting for a neutral outfit color theme instead. Here are some of the most stylish neutral looks we found that have a very strong athleisure vibe.neutral athleisure outfit athleisure by bella hadid
  5. Sporty glam – if you’re not a sports girl at all and are just tagging along to the sporting event for the halftime show (hey, Gaga’s performance proved to be worth it, no?) or for the nachos, then this glammed up sporty look is surely going to be a great option for you.sporty glam look sporty glam with statement necklace
  6. Street style sporty – when watching the game is important but looking chic is life, these outfits are sure to give your the inspiration that you need. Street style sporty looks are perfect for those who plan on doing some after party stuff after the game.street style sporty outfit street style sporty



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