6 Skinny Jeans Styles You Need to Own

Skinny jeans come in a variety of styles. If you are in love with this denim’s figure-flattering style, then make sure to invest in these skinny jeans styles that you need to own.

Dark Wash Skinnies

When it comes to sleekness and sophistication, nothing beats dark wash skinny jeans styles. They are very versatile in the sense that it can be worn for casual events or more ‘formal’ occasions.

dark wash skinnies

dark wash jeans

Ankle Cropped Skinnies

If you’re on the petite end of the spectrum, then you understand the struggles of having to fold your long skinnies. Worry not as you can have the perfect fit with ankle cropped skinny jeans styles. Not only is it slimming, it allows you to flaunt your fine footwear as well.

cropped jeans cropped denims

Vintage High Waist Skinnies

They are touted as mom jeans, but these skinny jeans styles are some of the most popular styles nowadays. What’s great about such skinnies is that they accentuate the waist, which is particularly good if you want to emphasize your torso. Best worn with a crop top, basically any blouse – when tucked in – looks good with vintage high waist skinnies.

high waist denim high waist jeans

Distressed Skinnies

The disheveled look is one of the hottest trends of today. You can achieve this look ever so quickly by opting for distressed skinny jeans styles. There can be minor rips – to seriously big holes – and whatever your choice of distressed denim might be, know that this belongs to mall tours and what not. However, you can always ‘glamorize’ your look by wearing it with sophisticated or ornate tops.

distressed denim distressed jeans

Black Skinnies

Welcome to the dark side! While blue washes are common in skinny jeans styles, if you love dark washes, then you are best off with black skinny jeans. Loved by many celebrities, wearing a pair is the easiest way to slim yourself down fast. With its edgy style, it can help you achieve a rock chic look in no time.

black skinnies black jeans

White Skinnies

If you have black skinny jeans styles, then you must need white skinnies as well! After all, it offers the same kind of flair – with a virginal twist. White skinnies are perfect for days when you want to feel comfy – but want to dress up anyway. This is actually one of the pants that you can wear to the office, as it can pass off as a skinny trouser. Due to the immaculate shade of this denim, you can partner it with virtually any kind of top. Be careful during the rainy season though, as splatters might transform you into a Dalmatian!

white denims white skinnies

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