6 Simple Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

You don’t have to break the bank just to make your looks expensive. With our 6 simple tricks, you’ll be able to make cheap clothes look expensive and your style classy.

  1. Get everything tailored.

chic white blouse with full miniskirt

orange pants with striped shirt eccentric skirt with gray coat

If the fit isn’t spot-on right off the rack, take those cheap clothes to a tailor before you wear them. And while you’re shopping, keep in mind that the simpler the garment, the easier it is to tailor. Whether it’s a classic button-down shirt, straight leg pants, full skirt and such, a perfect fit is the key for expensive-looking style.

  1. Only wear pieces in “like new” condition.

bodysuit with leather pencil skirt printed dress with fall coat chic fall outfit with boots

If you see a stain and you can’t get it out yourself, immediately take it to a dry cleaner to see what they can do. If you see a loose thread, button, or a ripped seam, deal with it. If you notice it, be wary that other people will too, so if nothing can be done, toss it.

  1. Opt for investment pieces that can dress up your plain items.

camel coat with minimalist outfit sailor blazer with casual outfit casual office outfit with structured blazer

Save your money for the attention-grabbing trend items that will become the focus of your outfit anyway. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, dress up your casual jeans with a structured coat that can dress up your office looks. Also, investing on timeless sailor blazer, structured coats, pea coats, capes and such will make your basic outfits expensive-looking.

  1. Choose black over brown.

all black travel outfit with suitcase structured fall outfit with boots and gray bag leather trousers with black sweater

Apart from the fact that black is an opulent shade, browns and other warm, earthy colors often end up looking dingy and sad when they are used in prints and low-quality materials. So, focus on black that will make your style classy or team it with classic shades that feel crisp to step up your style.

  1. Keep it simple.

a-line mido skirt with chic white top and boots white outfit with pastel blue vest structured coat with block heels

When you’re on a tight budget, keep the “less is more” mantra. A structured coat teamed with neutral colored heels or an all white outfit topped with a pastel colored vest look more expensive than a dress with all-over print or shiny sequins. As long as you keep your neat silhouette, clean lines, and classic shades, you’ll make everything look classy without draining your wallet.

  1. Stay away from distressed pieces.

striped shift dress navy coat with leather trousers chic bomber jacket with white dress

Distressed fabrics, including hardware easily end up looking old and worn out, especially when they are cheap to begin with. Instead of going for a pair of ripped jeans, opt for a pair of leather leggings that will go well with your longer tops and coats. Instead of going for a varsity jacket that looks sporty, think of a chic bomber jacket that will go perfectly with your plain dresses and chic sneakers. By heeding our simple tricks, you’ll be able to make your cheap clothes look expensive effortlessly.

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