6 Simple Truths about Shopping Your Wardrobe

Going to the high-end boutiques and shopping items off the racks may be your best way to update your style, but you don’t have to spend dollars all the time just to look great. Before inventing on a fresh piece, think of starting with your own closet by reading the 6 simple truths about shopping your wardrobe that might save your day.

  1. When you shop your wardrobe, you’ll never say “I’ve got a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear!”



When you shop your wardrobe and explore your sense of personal style, where you often end up is with a cultivated wardrobe that truly works for you. It isn’t a museum full of fancy clothes yet unrealistic ones, but a workable space, where every item in it ‘earns its rent’. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you might look for feminine dresses that you can wear from your casual weekends to formal parties that serve you well.

  1. When you shop your wardrobe, you have the chance to tap into your personal style.

breezy-white-outfit-with-hat colorful-dress-with-orange-shoes

When you down shopping in fashion boutiques, what you have left are the items you already have. By bringing your focus solely onto those items in your closet, you get a chance to define for yourself what you truly love when it comes to clothing and style. Remember, you can’t tap into your true style when you’re always shopping in the stores as it presents various choices that don’t really suit you.

  1. Shopping your wardrobe is a great habit to cultivate.

fruit-print-swimsuit white-dress-with-brown-sandals

Shopping your wardrobe is a way of thinking and feeling about your wardrobe that has you appreciating and using what’s there, not wishing for things that you don’t have. The key is  a fresh set of eyes to look at your existing wardrobe and recreate fresh outfits from them no matter how simple, basic, or complex your ensembles are.

  1. When you shop your wardrobe, you make less shopping mistakes.

breezy-summer-romper-with-cute-sunglasses leather-jacket-with-striped-athletic-pants

When you shop your wardrobe, you become more familiar with the things you love to wear, and makes you feel great. This way, when you choose to shop in the stores, you have clearer style standards and you’re less susceptible to passing trends, therefore you make less purchasing mistakes.

  1. Shopping your wardrobe is about cultivating a functional wardrobe.

party-dress-with-sexy-sandals tank-top-with-feminine-skirt

If your closet is filled with items that make you look good, you have that functional wardrobe that serve you well, support your lifestyle, and express your individuality. Though a functional wardrobe that you can shop in usually takes a while to develop and get right, it’s all worth it.

  1. When you shop your wardrobe, you discover what makes you unique and original.

chiffon-blouse-with-striped-shorts sexy-v-neck-sailor-inspired-swimsuit

Remember, constantly shopping and bringing new items into your wardrobe won’t help you have a clearer view of your personal style. On the other hand, when you shop your closet, you have the opportunity to evaluate items in your wardrobe. Think of the pieces you absolutely adore, and makes you feel a million bucks when you wear it, as well as ones that makes you feel a bit daring, exciting, and sensational. This way, you also know which items would you love to buy again as many of the pieces in our closets we keep simply because they’re there, we already own them. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look more fashionable without draining your wallet, while creating a functional wardrobe that works for you.

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