6 Simple Outfit Ideas That Will Be in Style Forever

Trends come and go as well as some fashion styles that may dishearten you. When it comes to fashion, it feels as though nothing ever seems to really stick, so we find that the best way to keep up with the ever-changing styles is by maintaining a closet full of basic pieces that can easily be adapted to whatever is “happening” at the time. Looking for outfit ideas that will make you cope with the industry’s fickle directional changes? Keep on reading for our 6 simple outfit ideas that will be in style forever.

  1. Monochromatic Outfit

black sweater with slit skirt

monochromatic outfit with ballet flats camel vest with trousers nude sandals with white outfit

Whether you’re a fan of oversized pieces or well-fitting ensembles, a monochromatic outfit will keep your look polished and sleek. Since trends come and go, as well as oversized silhouettes, think of wearing your slouchy sweater and slit skirt in a monochromatic style that will keep your outfit timeless regardless of its fitting. Like fashion blogger Amanda Shadforth, go for a monochromatic dressing, especially if you’re a fan of wearing dress with trousers that will keep your style look cohesive and elegant.

  1. Black and White Combination

black culottes with white blazer white pants with black tank top and sun hat black pants with white blouse black jacket with white dress

A black-and-white combination is the timeless color combo you may go for whenever you feel your pieces are getting a bit outdated. If you think your white vintage or Victorian style of dresses looks a bit old, try modernizing the look by pairing it with a black leather jacket that will do the tricks for you. Also, the combination can highlight and downplay your challenging areas, so be sure to place them strategically on your outfits.

  1. Plain Pieces with Printed Ensembles

gold print dress with black jacket striped tank top with green skirt printed shorts with white blouse printed scarf with gray coat and white outfit

Though wearing prints-on-prints is trendy right now, the look will soon go away. So, whenever you feel the trend is outdated, go back to the rule of thumb wearing plain pieces with printed ensembles which will give you a polished style. Whether you wish to wear a printed scarf with your neutral-colored outfit, or wear a striped tank top with your jewel tone skirt, the rule never goes wrong.

  1. Crop Top with Blazer

crop top and skirt with white blazer crop top with matching blazer and shorts crop top with knitted cardigan and white pants crop top with blazer and polka dots pants

Crop tops worn with cut-off shorts became trendy especially in the summer season. However, if you feel it’s a bit chilly outdoors, or simply wishes to add some sexy vibe to your chic looks, think of wearing your crop tops with chic blazers that will keep everything balanced yet alluring.

  1. Loose Top with Skinny Jeans

off shoulder peasant top with skinny jeans skinny jeans with loose top skinny jeans with chic tank top off shoulder top with skinny jeans

A pair of skinny jeans is indeed timeless, but wearing them with loose top is a functional and stylish strategy to balance your proportions. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, think of a casual tank top that will look perfect when paired with skinny jeans, giving you some effortlessly cool vibe. Also, you may dress up your skinny jeans with a more sophisticated top like a chiffon blouse or an off-shoulder top.

  1. Fitted Top with Full Skirt

red full skirt with lace top full skirt with tie front shirt burgundy turtleneck sweater with white tulle skirt abstract print full skirt with sweater

Since accentuating your waist is a timeless way of looking more proportioned, wearing your full skirts with fitted tops will do the tricks for you whether you’ve got that pear body shape or a straight body frame. Depending on your personality, feel free to go for pleated skirts, full skirts, and fluffy skirts that will add some feminine flair to your style. With these 6 simple outfit ideas, you’ll be able to wear your favorite pieces which can definitely in style forever.

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