6 Signs That You Need an Entirely New Wardrobe

Most women have no space left in their wardrobes yet it’s completely empty of anything wearable. Whether you’re looking for a new style, seeking out the latest trends, or simply wish to getting a functional wardrobe, here are the 6 signs that you need and entirely new wardrobe.

  1. You hate morning dressing even more.

jumper shorts with breton striped sweater

preppy spring outfit

If you’re a morning person, getting dressed in the morning may be challenging if you don’t have a set of outfits to wear. If you normally take an hour or so, but now you have to account for extra time because you have nothing to wear, maybe it’s time to get a new set of clothes. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may start with a Breton striped sweater that you can wear with your favorite shorts, jeans, and even skirts.

  1. Even though you have a huge closet, you only use one shelf.

pink blouse with graphic print skirt trench coat with sneakers

Your closet might not be empty, but it’s full of nothing. Over the years you’ve accumulated a lot of outfits and items that now somehow became ugly, so you stick to the same four shirts you keep in the middle shelf for easy access. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may spice up your basic ensembles with a graphic print skirt or a bold colored top that will make a difference.

  1. You have an everyday uniform.

tweed tulip skirt with black sweater plaid shirt with leather leggings

Even when you have nothing to wear, you still have some go-to outfits that you feel comfortable in and that look good. However, you’ve worn them so many times that they are starting to feel like your day-to-day uniform. If you usually wear a t-shirt with your favorite jeans or leggings, try a plaid shirt instead like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli did, making your style a bit creative while looking effortless.

  1. Your bedroom floor is permanently covered in clothes.

casual cool outfit with jacket military jacket with striped dress

Every time you need to get dressed you try on dozens of different outfits and hate every single one of them. So your bedroom floor is permanently covered in piles of clothes, because nobody has time to carefully fold and put away all those horrible clothes every morning. To avoid this, be sure you love each ensemble in your closet so you’ll love to take a good care of them every time.

  1. Your closet is full of clothes yet you have nothing to wear.

edgy urban outfit with vest preppy outfit with wedge shoes

When you catch a glimpse of the clock, you start panicking because you are going to be late but you still have nothing to wear. The worst thing is, most of those items either don’t fit you like they used to, or they are extremely saggy on your body. To avoid this, you may think of preparing your outfits a night before or shop for a few items that will refresh your basics.

  1. You stop going out with friends.

cobalt blue clutch with purple outfit backless top with wide leg pants and houndstooth coat

Even if you’re not a fashion blogger that documents each outfit every time, you would love to take some photo with your friends on your night outs. However, a fun night out with your friends can turn into a stressful event if you spend hours trying to figure out a nice outfit that you haven’t worn a thousand times already. This time, you may think of going shopping. But maybe you should take a day off first, take everything you haven’t worn in a year and toss it to finally free up space in your closet. By heeding our tricks, you’ll discover new clothes you had forgotten about and you’ll shop for better pieces you would love to wear every time.

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