6 Secrets to Wearing Velvet Stylishly

Velvet has the potential to look sophisticated, elegant, and smart. However, it also has the potential to look cheap or even trashy. When worn right, you’ll make the luscious fabric give you a totally rich and luxurious look. So, keep on reading for the secrets to wearing velvet stylishly so you can have a winning look for whatever occasion you’re wearing it for.

  1. Do gravitate toward rich colors, but skip neon shades.

purple velvet dress with fur scarf

velvet top with maxi skirt

Velvet is at its most sophisticated and elegant rich jewel hues. You may even go for lighter tones that are chic as well, but skip neon ones that will make the luscious fabric trashy. Black velvet is a classic go-to shade, but jewel hues like deep blues, emerald greens, bold reds, and amethyst purples are also great. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, think of a red velvet blouse that will go perfectly with your pastel colored maxi skirt, giving you a luxurious style effortlessly.

  1. Seek out smooth velvet that looks classy.

sequined jeans with velvet blazer and button down shirt victorian velvet dress

It’s easy to find daywear pieces in crushed velvet, but be wary. It’s easy for even expensive designs to look cheap if the velvet is crinkled, so try to opt for smooth velvet that speaks to you. Remember, the right fabric will look and feel elegant. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, a velvet blazer can be enough to dress up your sequined jeans, making it look more glamorous strategically.

  1. Velvet doesn’t need to be formal all the time.

velvet dress with cozy coat velvet jumpsuit with blazer

Though suits and dresses are some the most striking garment types that come up with the velvet trend, it doesn’t mean you can’t go for a casual look, but velvet fashion really reaches into all aspects of fashion. By looking around, you can find things like velvet shorts and casual, oversized tops and such that can be worn on a daily basis. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, think of dressing down your velvet jumpsuit with a slouchy top and slip-on sandals that look effortless. Velvet is just an all-around fun fabric, so there are so many different ways you can wear it, and there’s no harm in having some fun to figure out what looks the best for you.

  1. Let it play well with others.

collared velvet dress with leather jacket and creepers royal turban with velvet cape

Velvet fashion can be hard to pair with other styles if you don’t know what to look for. In this case, juxtaposition is a striking way to go. To offset the femininity of velvet, pair it with a leather jacket like fashion blogger Emilija Vaisnorante did. You’ll find that pairing a classy velvet ensemble with edgier pieces will make them more versatile in your everyday life.

  1. Think of velvet toppers that will add some flair to your looks.

frayed jeans and velvet blazer with platform footwear slouchy jeans with velvet blazer

Coats, jackets, and blazers are a great way to go if you don’t want to feel stuck in the fabric throughout your day. It’s just easy because you can wear it with any outfit without worrying about overpowering anything. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, dress up your casual jeans with a velvet blazer that looks chic and classy.

  1. Wear velvet as an accessory.

lace blouse with palazzo pants and velvet clutch grape fruit print skirt with structured coat and velvet boots

Velvet accessories like bag, boots, shoes, chokers and such have been in for a while, and now is the perfect time to pull these in to make your style more fashionable. By heeding our guidelines, you’ll be able to wear velvet stylishly.

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