6 Secrets to Dressing with Class

Though the reason we usually go for expensive designer clothes is because of its wonderfully clean designs and high-quality materials, dressing with class does not necessarily imply being garbed up in branded clothes all the time. The key is mastering the art of mixing great quality and great aesthetics looking elegant, chic, and posh. And you have a lot of ways to incorporate those simple ensembles to make it look an expensive-looking outfit. Keep on reading to unlock the secrets of dressing with class.

1. Wear some sophisticated accessories.

silver accessories

sophisticated sunglasses transluscent heels with gold trims

Do you know accessories can make or break an outfit? Look for accessories that somehow give your style a classy feel and are enough to make a statement in a simple outfit. Sophisticated and expensive looking sunglasses with gold frames, gold chain belts, golden cuffs, scarves, elegant hats or fascinators, diamond earrings, structured bags, gold and silver jewelry, transparent heeled sandals with gold accents, asymmetrical cut shoes, elegant clutches, and watches are a great addition to spice up your plain outfit. Wear from anything neutral to classic prints and complement your looks with these sophisticated accessories.

2. Look for timeless black and white ensembles.

all black classic outfit all whiteoutfit with statement sandals black and white outfit white classic dress

The basic black and white combination gives you that classy vibe. Also, opting all-black or all-white motif is an effortless way to wearing an expensive-looking outfit as there is a class in the shade itself. If you don’t want to look monotonous in a monochrome outfit, then play with texture through different fabric styles like leather, chiffon, cashmere, cotton, velvet, wool, and such. This way, you’ll liven up your look without looking overdone.

3. Wear some metallic ensembles in classic shades.

metallic blue blazer metallic gold blouse metallic gold shorts metallic top with maxi skirt

Metallics give your overall look an ‘expensive’ touch. You may drape a metallic blazer over your shoulders or wear some metallic shorts or blouses. Metallic gold or silver with classic ensembles always looks so divine and ladylike, so you may wear a metallic gold blouse paired with classic skirt or metallic gold shorts paired with classic blazer. As an alternative, you may wear some sequined garments but avoid a fully sequined style as it may look overdone. Do not overdo it as if you’re thinking of making the look classier by piling tons of metallic pieces together, the truth is you’re making it opposite. So, make sure to keep your outfits simple and just layer metallic pieces when needed.

4. Stick to classic and clean prints.

animal print coatanimal print pantsblack and white striped blouse 4. checkered coat with structured bagzebra print coat

This time, you must skip funky prints and neon colored prints and opt for clean prints that give the posh and classic look to your expensive-looking outfits. Classic prints like animal prints, leopard prints, stripes, checks, gingham prints, tartan, polka dots, chevron stripes, geometric and such are a great option. Also, always look for tailored clothes that fit your figure well as being sloppy and baggy don’t look classic.

5. Opt for leather ensembles for an edgy vibe with class.

patent leather accordion skirt

Though leather jacket and boots tend to have a rock or grunge feel, you can still make use of leather to add some class to your style. Patent leather with glossy finish in classic staples like pencil skirts, pleated skirts, blazers, and even shoes are great to vamp up your plain looks.

6. Go for monochromatic or neutral shades.

gray top with khaki pants camel trench coat monochrome outfitnavy blue jumpsuit

Neutral colors such as white, black, brown, khaki, tan, beige, and even navy blue are colors that could be matched easily with other colors and add some harmony to your outfit. Opt for these shades when opting for timeless pieces and you’ll surely gain that expensive look. Monochromatic dressing is a little bit more complex than just wearing an all-black or all-white motif. Playing with fabrics, textures, and shades is needed as monochromatic outfits can easily get bland or boring.

As you have seen in these secret tricks, you don’t have to be garbed up with designer pieces just to look luxurious and with class. Be creative and tasteful in mixing and matching your plain outfits with high-end ones so you’ll end up looking sophisticated, elegant and with class.



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