6 Secrets Personal Stylists Won’t Tell You for Free

Getting some help for personal stylist can be great as they know how to dress you up regardless of your budget, size, and personality. However, most personal stylist can be costly, especially if you’re looking for ways to save money while keeping your looks fashion-forward. If you wish to make your looks fashionable on your own way, you might want to read the 6 secrets personal stylist won’t tell you for free.

  1. A good tailor is even better than a good stylist.

cardigan with black dress

peplum tube top with white skirt

If you have a lot of store-bought clothes yet feel you don’t look great, it’s probably on the fit so take it to a tailor and have those clothes altered for you. “Always wear well-fitted clothes. Bad fit kills even the best outfits,” says designer Sarmistha Goswami. Unless you’re aiming for a trendy look featuring oversized and loose ensembles, a good tailor can be your best friend. You’ll look great with clothes altered to your body curves and personal style, and it can even make an outfit looks expensive.

  1. Expensive clothing makes you act better.

all white outfit with denim jacket sailor blazer with chic outfit

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to just look fashionable. However, we do tend to feel and act a little different when we wear things that are expensive. Have you ever wondered how you care for an expensive or even designer item compared to generic ones? Generally, we treat those expensive things better and with more care. In fact, it’s the mental story we assign to those items that make them special. “Expensive things might trigger those feelings more easily but you can shine just as bright every day with ordinary things, just by acting as you would if they were expensive,” says stylist and designer Jennifer Lowe.

  1. Bad makeup can ruin a great outfit.

architectural outfit with crossbody bag cozy chic outfit with ankle boots

Your makeup can make or break a great outfit so it’s important to know what works for you and what compliments your features. “Know that even though many women want a ‘natural look’ it actually takes a lot of products and time to do it right,” says beauty and style consultant Brooke Baker, beauty and style consultant.

  1. Be brand loyal.

eccentric hippie outfit with hat suede skirt with bohemian outfit and hat

If you have a bohemian, eccentric, and hippie style like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, don’t waste your time searching for feminine and minimalist retail shops. “When you find a particular piece that looks good on you and fits well, chances are that designer cuts for a body type like yours. Explore other options and clothing pieces in their line. Chances are they will look best,” says Mr. O’Connor.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask when you need fashion help.

striped dress with winter coat skinny jeans with oversized poncho

Don’t be afraid to consult friends or even better a professional when you need fashion help. “You wouldn’t hesitate to ask for help with algebra or geometry and your closet really is no different than a math problem. Professionals can identify variables, constants, and exponents that can help clarify and define your style,” says Mr. Jones.

  1. Get salespeople on your side.

cozy casual outfit with sailor cap bandana scarf with turtleneck sweater and frayed jeans

A great trick to finding deals on high-end clothing is to make friends with the salespeople at your favorite stores. “Ask them when they get new arrivals in and when special sales start. If they say 10 a.m. on Monday, then you know what to do—you call in sick at work that day,” says stylist and host Sam Russell. By heeding these tricks from stylist, you’ll be able to get a great sense of style while keeping everything practical and effortless.

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