6 Practical Ways to Maximize Closet Space

Lack of adequate closet space is a common complaint, especially for women who live in apartments and small homes. If you’re not privileged to have a huge walk-in closet with enough space to accommodate your massive shoe collection and designer items, you might need to maximize your closet space regardless how small it is. So, keep on reading for our 6 practical ways to maximize your closet space.

  1. De-clutter your closet.



Your problem maybe isn’t too little space, but too much stuff, especially if you’re constantly adding to your wardrobe, but never get rid of older items. So, de-clutter your closet by removing all items from your closet and separating your belongings into different piles. Think of having a single pile for jeans, tops, sweaters, shirts, dresses, or separate clothes by season and sift through each pile of clothes to determine what you can give away. If there’s an item that you haven’t worn or used in one or two years, give it away. Remember, the less you own, the more space you’ll have in your closet.

  1. Double hang the closet.

winter-coats-with-classic-outfit metallic-gold-gown

Think of installing two rods one above the other rather than have a single rod extending the entire length of your closet. Most items fold on a hanger, so opt for double hangers that can maximize your closet space and letting you store more items inside. Just keep a single rod hanger in a small section of your closet to accommodate longer items, such as dresses and jumpsuits.

  1. Add storage shelves.

graphic-print-swimwear yellow-tank-top-with-chic-blazer-and-skinny-jeans

Wasted space can contribute to your closet dilemma. Generally, closets have an 8-foot ceiling but you might have about 2 feet of usable space above the highest hanging rod. So, build a shelf above the hanging rod to create additional space to store other items like purses or out of season clothes. Just take advantage of any other usable wall space inside your closet and build from there.

  1. Remove shoes from the floor.

sneakers-with-layered-outfit preppy-dress-with-vintage-sandals

Shoes can take up a lot of space inside a closet, especially if they’re kept on the floor. So, remove shoes from the floor and hang a shoe organizer on the back of your closet door to maximize your closet space. For any remaining shoes, keep them in a shoebox and store them under your bed. This practical, inexpensive fix will maximize your closet space effortlessly.

  1. Use your suitcase.

breezy-outfit-with-suitcase sheer-top-with-leather-trousers

If you keep suitcases or other travel bags inside your closet, take advantage of the empty space to store some of your clothes. Rather than keep those out of season items hanging in your closet or folded on shelves, neatly store them inside the suitcase to create additional space for your immediate attire.

  1. Move out items.

geometric-print-skirt-with-white-blouse classic-work-outfit

Rethink the items that you keep inside your closet as too many bulky items inside your closet can take up usable space. If you don’t have a coat closet, keep a coat rack by the front door that can also accommodate large, bulky sweaters. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to maximize your closet space while making your wardrobe functional every single day.

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