6 Practical Tips to Start Building Your Personal Style

Having your personal style will make you feel more comfortable and confident on whatever outfit you’re wearing since it speaks of your individuality. If you’re looking to build your own signature look, and a wardrobe that reflects your style needs, keep on reading for the 6 practical tips to start building your personal style.

  1. Learn about the different types of style.

grunge outfit with beanie

neoprene skirt with gray sweater and classic pumps

The more you can define what certain looks are, the better you’ll be at saying you’re not a grunge person, you’re more of a classical, or you’re more of a high-fashion type of style. Figuring out what types of style there is will help you find descriptions of the kind of items that women who like these styles wear. If you’re more of a classical and romantic person, you might find fashion blogger Blair Eadie’s outfit of a gray sweater teamed with midi skirt and black classic pumps appealing.

  1. Look at what you buy most and feel most amazing wearing.

cozy outfit with winter coat winter outfit with fur hat

Go in your closet and look at all the things you’ve bought. That’s one of the things that could be really close to telling you what your personal style is. This can help you define what you feel confident in and what you feel beautiful in. Simply narrow down what you love to wear and eventually you’ll figure out your personal style.

  1. Have a style inspiration.

biker jacket with brown pants and edgy shoes editorial inspired grunge outfit

There’s a lot of different ways of dressing and having a style inspiration can help you develop your style even more. If you’re a fan of edgy and grunge looks, you may be inspired by fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick, wearing an editorial-inspired outfit of an avant-garde coat, or simply a cool outfit of a biker jacket, tee, tribal necklace and brown pants.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

obi belt with cute outfit purple skirt with lace corset and tied sweater on neck

Look at fabrics, look at cuts, look the way certain designers make certain pieces that can help you figure out your personal style. If you can’t afford them, just look at what pieces they make that can really speak to you. Start by being creative wearing things in novel ways like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu did, wearing her purple sweater as a scarf and a lace corset as her top teamed with a matching skirt.

  1. Create a mood board.

band inspired top with silk harem pants pastel blue coat with oxfords

Look at magazines, nature, style blogs, street style photos and such that really inspire you or really speak to you. This can be a good means to figure out the colors that you like as well so you can build out the definition of what your personal style is.

  1. Refine the style that suits your individuality.

lace dress with sweater and choker

This is where you collect all these things you’ve been doing, and start weeding out the things that you don’t really love. When you start trimming down, and getting to the core, you’ll be able to get to what really defines you. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to build your personal style effortlessly and be more confident on your way of dressing.

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