6 Power Dressing Tips for Women

When it comes to power dressing, keep in mind that it’s culturally relative, even job specific. But there are certain universal principles that apply. The key for women is to look professional, yet retain their femininity. So, keep on reading for the 6 power dressing tips for women.

  1. Be groomed.



Regardless of how fashionable your outfits are, looking groomed is an important aspect with respect to power dressing. Cut and blow-dry the locks into a clean shape. If you wish to go for a manicure, forget those ‘flamingo pink’ or ‘salsa red’ as it doesn’t look professional. You might want to wear minimal makeup, but don’t forget to wax your upper lip and pluck your eyebrows.

  1. Keep everything tailored.

casual-friday-office-outfit-with-sling-bag tailored-pants-with-striped-blouse-and-vest

When you have the right occasion for power dressing, you wear a suit, or perhaps a tailored shift and matching jacket. Favor darker colors for suits and minimal patterns. Whether you choose to wear a suit, dress, or a blazer, keep everything tailored. If you’re working in a conservative office, nothing looks worse than an ill-fitting suit, so make sure it fits perfectly. This includes hems adjusted to work with the shoes you’re most likely to wear with it. If in doubt, keep the skirt length just above the knee and the pant length below the ankle.

  1. Make your white blouse or shirt chic and polished.

button-down-shirt-with-plaid-suit tailored-suit-with-white-button-down-shirt

You want a great shirt that fits snuggly under the suit, but not so snug that buttons pop. Don’t go too low cut, though a little plunge is chic, especially under a jacket with lapels. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you can get a modern-chic look in an all-white suit teamed with a crisp button down shirt. Or, play with classic patterns by wearing a matching print on your blazer and pantsuit that looks creative yet professional.

  1. Wear strategic accessories.

casual-friday-office-outfit slim-belt-with-office-vest

A pearl necklace, a brooch, a scarf, a belt, or a simple sculptural gold cuff works. Unless you’re heading to a party, do not wear too much sparkle. A fine watch says something about your orderliness, not to mention style. If you don’t have a designer watch, vintage watch will be less expensive and just as striking for you.

  1. Go for a streamlined and classy handbag.

office-bag-with-chic-sweater-and-dress-pants office-bag-with-fit-and-flare-dress

A good-looking bag that goes with your suit or office dress is a must. Just stay away from too bold color. Though you may opt for classy graphic logos, keep in mind that your handbag shouldn’t be so big that it looks like a weekend tote and not so small that looks like a party clutch. Plain colored handbags with a good structure are great over slouchy hobo bags.

  1. Opt for closed shoes you’re comfortable yet have a bit of height.

wool-camel-coat-with-office-outfit-and-classic-pumps belt-and-sheath-dress-with-classic-pumps

Black classic pumps in an almond toe shape are great. When you’re working in a conservative office, skip those open-toe shoes. If you can pull off red-soled Christian Louboutin pumps with a pantsuit, it will be great. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to look fashionable and smart in your workplace.

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