6 Pieces for A Cool and Casual Spring Wardrobe

Spring is just a few days away; is your wardrobe ready? When it comes to dressing up, we all have our personal style preferences which is why what’s a must in my wardrobe may not even be something yours would miss. If, however, you’re looking to build a spring wardrobe that’s chic and versatile and you want something that you can easily wear anytime, be sure to check out these fab pieces for a cool and casual spring wardrobe.

  1. Denim jacket – no spring wardrobe is complete without a good ol’ denim jacket. It doesn’t matter what your personal style preference is; a denim jacket is so versatile, it goes well with just about any look you could ever think of putting together.denim jacket outfit
    denim jacket with an all white outfit
  2. Sun dresses – if you’re the girly type and you love looking dainty and cute all the time, a sun dress is something your spring wardrobe shouldn’t be without. There is no better time to start wearing your sundresses again than in the spring, right after you’ve gotten tired of your usual winter ensemble. Look for dresses in vibrant colors to really get that spring theme going.sun dress in tangerine with turquoise necklace sun dress
  3. White sneakers – white sneakers are all the rage right now and, even if you’re not a big fan of sneakers, I’m pretty sure you’ll love them as well. White sneakers are especially perfect for creating chic, casual, low key looks. They go well with anything, from shorts to jeans or even dresses.white sneakers and crop top outfit white sneakers outfit and all white look
  4. Crisp white shirt – another must have for building a cool and casual spring wardrobe is a crisp white shirt. Whether it’s a button down with a collar or a plain V-neck tee is totally up to you but this one is something you really should think about stocking up on because there are so many looks you can achieve with them.white shirt and jeans white shirt and pink cardigan
  5. Fun prints – there’s no better way to give your outfit a cool and casual vibe than by wearing fun prints. Florals are a given but why not try something new? A whimsical print, something abstract, something that would really catch the eyes.printed floral skirt printed dress for spring
  6. Hat – it may not seem like much but topping off your spring outfit with a hat can really take it to the next level. Spring is a great time for floppy hats, fedoras, and all sorts of warm weather hats so take advantage and start wearing them now.

hat in pink spring outfit hat and red romper outfit


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