6 Pencil Skirt Looks You Can Recreate for Any Occasion

Pencil skirt is one of the essential items every woman should have in their wardrobes. Though these fashion staples are essential for business-professional occasions, you can actually wear these classic skirts for any occasion. So keep on reading for the 6 pencil skirt looks you can recreate for any occasion.

  1. Chic Professional Look



If you’re a career woman, you’re most likely wears your pencil skirt with your office blouse or your office blazer. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, go for a print and plain style of outfit and skip your print mixing skills on your weekends to keep your office looks polished. Like her, you may opt for a plain skirt teamed with a chic blazer, or a polka dots blouse teamed with a plain black skirt.

  1. Sporty Chic Look

hoodies-with-pencil-skirt oversized-sweater-with-pencil-skirt

We all have those casual days where we want to look fashionable but without any of the effort. Like fashion blogger Carmen Hamilton, you may dress up your oversized sweater with a tailored pencil skirt that will make your street style trendy at the same time sporty chic.

  1. Experimental Structured Look

cut-out-crop-top-with-pencil-skirt peplum-blouse-with-pencil-skirt

Thanks to the structured fit on the pencil skirt as it’s a canvas for experimenting with the overall silhouette. Since the skirt is sleek and fitted, you may think of adding some volume on top without losing your waist definition. You may choose a peplum top to create a uniquely stylish silhouette that will contrast with your pencil skirt. Or like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of an architectural crop top that looks sexy at the same time trendy when worn with a chic pencil skirt.

  1. Preppy Look

collared-top-with-pencil-skirt lace-top-with-pencil-skirt

If you’re aiming for an upscale schoolgirl style, draw inspiration from fashion blogger Ella Catliff by wearing a collared top or even a chic lace blouse with a pencil skirt. The collars and sleeves of your blouse will give a preppy vibe to your style since the pencil skirt is a neutral piece that can make your style classy.

  1. Trendy Look

button-down-shirt-with-pencil-skirt flourescent-top-with-pencil-skirt

If you’re a fan of colors, think of wearing bold hues and color blocked palette on your outfit. Like fashion blogger Lara Caspari, make your office style more creative by wearing a bold colored pencil skirt with your white button down shirt. Or, wear clashing shades like blue with yellow, purple with red, and such that will create a cohesive look.

  1. City-Chic Look

lavender-bag-with-tank-top-and-pencil-skirt bodysuit-with-leather-pencil-skirt

If you usually go out with your friends, skip those leather trousers for the meantime. Instead, stick to pencil skirts that will make your style edgy at the same time feminine. For an edgy and sexy statement, think of a leather pencil skirt teamed with bodysuit like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez wore. For a romantic statement, opt for a chic pencil skirt and a pastel colored tank top and a statement necklace like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks did. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to maximize your pencil skirt for any occasion.

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