6 Parisian Chic Look Fashion Style Tips

French girls are just some of the trendiest in earth. If you want to achieve their styles, then make sure to follow these tips on how to get the Parisian chic look fashion.

Sophisticated in Stripes

Parisian chic look fashion is not as complicated as you think it is. Sometimes, it’s as simple as wearing a striped, crew neck sweater. Pair it with cropped trousers or a pencil skirt for an elegant look that you can take to the office.


stripe outfit

Show Some Skin

The Parisian chic look fashion showcases sexiness in the right amount. So if you want to achieve the French it-girl look, then go for a deep-V top that doesn’t unveil all of your goodies. A little hint of skin here and there can help you achieve a sexy yet sophisticated look.

deep v top deep v outfit

Put it Over Your Shoulders

While jacket and coat armholes are meant to be worn, they are meant to go over your shoulders if you are gunning for Parisian chic look fashion. This is one of the easiest tricks to look elegant, since it provides an aura of classiness in a flick of a finger. It doesn’t matter if you have a dowdy attire inside, a jacket over the shoulders thing can elevate your look right away.

jacket jacket outfit

Wear a Scarf

The Parisian chic look fashion can be achieved easily simply by wearing a certain accessory: the scarf. This versatile item can be worn basically everywhere – from your neck, to your head, even your bag. Because of the useful nature of the scarf, it is something that you can take wherever you wish to go. That way, you can achieve the Parisian chic look fashion wherever you might be.

scarf scarf outfit

Cropped Pants + Boots = Perfection

For some reason, the Parisian chic look is often always dominated by the cropped pants. Whilst it looks great with a pair of ballerina flats, it looks even better with ankle booties. Seen on the two Parisian bloggers below, this combo provides an air of elegance to a casual denim outfit.

pants and boots trousers and boots

Lovely in Loafers

The Parisian chic look fashion is earmarked by a certain shoe, and that is the loafer. Patented from men, this sleek shoe is something you can wear to the office – or to a mall romp with friends. Because of its sophisticated look, you can wear it with virtually anything! Just wear your favorite loafers and you can acquire a Parisian chic look fashion right away.

loafers loafers outfit

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