6 Outfit Formulas Every Blogger Uses

Part of the reasoning behind why we’re so enamored with fashion bloggers is because they know how to translate trends into everyday life. Their outfits incorporate trendy and runway-inspired pieces while keeping everything wearable and approachable. Looking for inspiration on how to make your street style more fashion-forward? Keep on reading for the 6 outfit formulas every blogger uses.

  1. Mini Dress + Ankle Strap Sandals

lace dress with ankle strap sandals

striped dress with mini bag shirtdress with ankle strap sandals

A key for balance and proportion, teaming your mini dress with ankle strap sandals is a foolproof way of looking sexy and trendy. Whether it’s a shirt dress or lace dress, ankle strap sandals balance your outfit by creating a leaner and sexier silhouette, as contrary to shortening your frame. Since you show a lot of leg on your mini dress, a pair of ankle strap sandals will balance your leg line, especially if it’s a stiletto and non-platform style of sandals. Like Sofie Valkiers, think of complementing your striped dress with an ankle strap that coordinates with your theme.

  1. Lace Top + Ripped Denim Jeans

crochet lace top with jeans ripped white jeans with lace top lace top with ripped jeans and nude pumps

Mixing casual with chic is a means of looking laidback at the same time polished. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, think of teaming your ripped boyfriend jeans with a feminine lace top that will keep everything chic. You may also go for a lace blouse, crop top, tank top and such that will keep you breezy at the same time cool with your pair of jeans.

  1. Button Down Shirt + Dress

black slip dress with button down shirt and sneakers white button down shirt with tube dress printed dress with button down shirt

Normally worn with pencil skirts at the office, button-down shirts can now be worn with dresses that will make your office style creative and trendy. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, add some flair to your work style by teaming your white button-down shirt with a printed dress without sleeves. This way, you’ll create interest by simply layering your basic pieces while creating a fresh look without splurging on new trendy pieces.

  1. Crop Top + Jogger Pants

crop top with joggers and asymmetric sandals sexy crop wop with jogger pants joggers with crop top and camo jacket

Since the athletic trend is trendy right now, make everything chic and sexy by teaming your jogger pants with a crop top like most fashion bloggers do. Showing off your midriff is sexy enough, so be careful showing off your cleavage at the same time. You may do these tricks from time to time, but be mindful of the time and place you’re going to so you won’t end up looking inappropriately sexy on the streets.

  1. Denim Jacket + Feminine Dress

pink maxi dress with denim jacket white summer dress with denim jacket denim jacket with printed dress

If you feel your dresses are too formal for your street style, make them a bit casual by topping them with a denim jacket. Whether it’s a floral print dress, pink dress, or a lace dress, denim jacket can instantly tone down your feminine piece, making it more appropriate for your street style.

  1. Graphic Tee + Full Skirt

tulle skirt with graphic top graphic top with red midi skirt graphic top with full skirt

One of the basic looks, wearing a graphic tee with a full skirt add some trendy and cool vibe to your street style. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may opt for a full midi skirt that looks so feminine with a casual top. By following these outfit formulas, you’ll be easily dressed and styled just like how a fashion blogger nails her street look.

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