6 Outerwear Styles to Start Wearing Now

Early fall may not be as cold in some places as it is in others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start wearing cute and stylish outerwear yet. There are tons of outerwear styles and designs out there that you can start wearing from early to mid fall which aren’t too warm and heavy, but rather just warm enough to keep your toasty when the temperature outside starts to drop. If you’re thinking of starting on stocking up now, be sure to check out these outerwear styles you can start wearing now.


  1. Cropped jackets – cropped jackets have always been one of my favorite summer to fall transition outerwears. I think that they’re perfect for when the days are just starting to get colder, and the cropped cut gives it a really nice end-of-summer kind of feel. Cropped jackets come in all sorts of styles made from all sorts of materials so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that you like.cropped-leather-jacket-and-dress
  2. Fur vests – vests, otherwise known as gilets, are also another early fall favorite for many fashionistas around the world. They’re popular during the spring and summer, and during the fall and winter as well. However, if you want to make sure that your vest is fall-appropriate, you can opt for a fur one. Not only will it complete the autumn vibe in your look, it will also help keep you warm and elevate your outfit and make it look more posh and dressy.fur-vest-in-white-and-plaid-shirt fur-vest-and-lbd
  3. Maxi vest – fur not your thing? No worries, you can still achieve fall vibes in your look without wear fur vests, but by opting for maxi vests instead. Dramatic floor length vests are perfect for the office, but you can wear them with your everyday street style outfits as well if you want to add a touch of sophisticated dressiness to them.chic-maxi-vest-outfit chic-black-maxi-vest
  4. Dressy coats – if you’re not very fond of vests (for whatever reason), one outerwear that you should definitely look into stocking up on this fall is a dressy coat. You can wear a dressy coat on top of your office outfits, or on top of really dressy ensembles for special events and occasions that you’ll be attending in fall. Be sure to look for something with a simple style and a classic design so that you won’t have a hard time pairing it up with the rest of your wardrobe.dressy-coat-and-cute-dress dressy-open-white-coat
  5. Bomber jackets – for something a little more casual, you can opt for a bomber jacket. This type of fall outerwear is great for easy going girls who love pieces that are easy to wear. It has just a subtle hint of an athletic vibe to it, but you can definitely wear it with most of the pieces in your fall wardrobe.bomber-silk-jacket bomber-floral-jacket-in-lavender
  6. Denim jackets – denim jackets become very popular towards the end of summer and they’re great for the start of fall, too. Neither too light nor too heavy, a denim jacket is the perfect outerwear to combine with your everyday looks. denim-jacket-and-denim-pants denim-jacket-and-turtle-neck-top



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