6 Olympics-Inspired Fashion Ideas

The Olympics is about to draw to an end. Apart from producing victorious athletes, it serves as a bed for fashion inspiration as well. If want to marry these two worlds, then consider these fashion ideas inspired by the Olympics.

Rock Your Body(Suit)

You might not be a Simone Biles in real life, but you can rock gymnast-inspired fashion ideas as if you can do a double twist in real life. To get the sexy gymnast look, wear your favorite bodysuit with a nifty pair of bottoms. Since this was inspired by gymnasts anyway, a bodysuit can help you achieve a sexy look since it hugs your curves quite nicely.



Walk Like a Varsity Member

Want to invoke the look a topnotch varsity athlete even if you’re not athletic? This is very easy to do, as all you need is a varsity jacket to achieve one of the many Olympics-inspired fashion ideas. This versatile topper can be worn with almost anything, be it a shirt-and-pants combo or a sleek dress even.

jacket black jacket

Be Like Serena or Venus

Tennisters sashay in the finest fashion items of today. Just like Venus or Serena Williams, you can achieve the sporty look despite not being athletic at all! The key is to wear a tennis skirt, just one of the daintiest Olympics-inspired fashion ideas you can ever get your hands on. You can wear it with a cute blouse for an office look that will draw the eyes of many.

tennis skirtplaid skirt

Track It

Another one of the Olympics-inspired fashion ideas that can be useful in real life is wearing track pants. Formerly used just for athletic endeavors, track pants have now become comfy alternatives to the usual work pants. Because of the loose nature of these trousers, track pants prove to be stylish substitutes for your restrictive work bottoms.

track pants striped track pants

Gold Medal(lion) Winner

Walk the streets as if you are the over-all champion with a gold medallion. As one of the easiest Olympics-inspired fashion ideas to achieve, wearing a gold medallion can upgrade your look from drab to fab quite easily.

gold medal kylie jenner medallion

Be a Sneakerhead

If you want to achieve Olympics-inspired fashion ideas without wearing athletically-inclined pieces, then your best solution is a pair of white sneakers. Adored by many celebs, white sneakers prove to be simple yet elegant alternatives to feet-killing heels or simple ballet flats. It’s one of the versatile shoes you could ever have, as it looks great with a skirt – or a floral dress even.

white sneakers white sneakers outfit

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