6 Non Boring Ways to Wear Beige

Beige is such a nice neutral color but the problem with it is that sometimes, especially when you wear too much of it, it tends to look boring. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to play up this neutral hue and make it less so. Check out these non boring ways to wear beige so you can start wearing this neutral color more often.

  1. Wear a daring piece in beige – beige is such a safe color and that’s one of the reasons why it tends to look boring sometimes. If you’re afraid of committing this fashion mistake, why not start wearing daring pieces in beige? This will make the color more exciting and will tame down the daring piece a bit.sexy beige set outfit
    layered simple look with beige leather jacket
  2. Choose interesting silhouettes – another way to make beige more exciting is to wear it in interesting silhouettes. Look for pieces with silhouettes that are out of the ordinary. Don’t be afraid to wear create an outfit that’s out of the box because beige is super forgiving and will always make anything bold less intimidating.chic outfit combo beige coat on beige scarf chic beige outfit
  3. Wear it from head to toe – you might think going all out on beige will have you ending up with an outfit that’s boring and dull but, surprisingly, it’s the opposite. Donning a monochromatic beige outfit is actually quite chic and sophisticated, especially with the right pieces.head to toe beige on gigi hadid head to toe beige dress with coat and shoes
  4. Add a pop of color to your look – sometimes, all you really need to bring a plain, simple, and boring outfit to life is a splash of color somewhere. It doesn’t have to be big or bold; you can choose how much pop of color to add to your look so feel free to go as subtle or as loud as you want.beige jacket with bright red scarf beige and magenta dress and coat
  5. Play with texture – the trick to making boring colors look interesting and exciting is to play with texture. A plain beige top in cotton is something that you won’t bother gushing over but a beige top with fringes on the hem or with dainty lace details is surely something that you’ll want to put on.texture play with beige by olivia palermo texture play on beige with beige scallop sequins
  6. Layer up – another really easy way to make beige look more exciting is to wear them with layers. Do neutral layers with beige for a simple and minimal but chic and stylish look or pile on some colors as well for a livelier, brighter look.layered simple look with beige leather jacket layered outfit with print details

How do you make your beige pieces look less boring?


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