6 Non-Boring Bag Trends for Summer

Bag trends for summer are usually predictable: bright, cheery, and everything else in between. If you are tired of the usual styles, then make sure to invest in these non-boring bag trends for summer.

Matching Bag

Matching your clothes with your satchel used to be a no-no. But today, a similar tote is considered as one of the hottest bag trends for summer. Finding the exact bag that matches your outfit might be a challenge, but spotting the perfect dupe is more than rewarding!

matching bag outfit

matching bag

Metal Ring Handle Bags

Metallic designs are always classy, but if you are looking for unique bag trends for summer, then choose those with metal ring handles. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, metal ring handle bags are perfect for work as they are just as lovely for play. Because of its timeless look, you can wear these bag trends for summer during autumn, winter, and spring as well.

metal ring bag metal ring

Statement Straps

Bag trends for summer are leaned towards phenomenal handles. With that being said, a tote with a statement straps is one of the carriers that you need to consider this summer season. It’s perfect for ladies who want a little spunk – without going all crazy with the bag. If you want a chic bag with a subtle summer style, then statement strapped bag trends for summer are what you need right now.

statement strap statement strap bag


Velvet is back with a vengeance! This fine fabric is now seen in the many bag trends for summer. After all, it gives a dose of color to even the most basic of totes. If colorful velvet bags are too much for you, you can always go basic and choose totes surrounded with black, brown, navy blue, or beige velvet.

velvet bag velvet channel bag

3D Embellishments

3D is in – case in point: movies and games. The same case applies to 3D embellishments, which is just one of the best bag trends for summer. It’s reminiscent of your childhood days – with larger than life designs taking over your satchel, totes, and what not. While there are bag with built-in 3D embellishments, you can always buy 3D brooches and place them on your favorite carriers.

3d bag 3d bag outfit

Teeny-Tiny Bags

Most bag trends for summer can carry your essentials – but if you just want to be ‘in,’ then you might as well consider teeny-tiny bags. As the name suggests, these satchels can’t bring a lot – maybe just some cash and your credit cards. Although they are virtually useless, these teeny-tiny carriers are undeniably fashionable. With that being said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy these bag trends for summer.

tiny bag tiny bag outfit

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