6 New and Fresh Ways To Wear Denim

It’s everybody’s favorite textile and we’ve gathered up some fresh and new ways to wear denim.

Denim’s popularity is still going strong decade after decade. Its slot in the arrays of trending clothes has been unmoved for so long now. And the more styles we can create with it, our love for this oh-so versatile cloth is just getting deeper and deeper. But after being worn by many generations, everybody’s favorite fabric certainly needs something new to spice up its laid-back quality. So, we’ve gathered up fresh ways for you to style denim. Below are 6 ways for you to wear denim other than the standard straight jeans, daisy dukes and boyfriend jackets.

Lay Off the Cutoff

Cutoff shorts are great, especially since we’re in summer right now. However, it’s not the only shorts in the entire closet. The Bermuda-length is also great. Not only does the look go well in a tomboy chic outfit, Bermuda shorts are also more acceptable to wear in a semi-formal setting. The length is also good for a shortalls that’s more laid-back and dressed down.denim bermuda shorts

denim shortalls

Denim Dresses

Denim is a textile best known for its versatility and casualness. And this is contradictory to dresses that will always have that (well, as it was so named) dressy vibe. Put these two together and you’ll have a laid-back outfit that has a little dressed up feel to it.denim dress off shoulder denim dress

Going Loose

An excellent counterbalance to any slouchy oversized denim apparel (like say your beau’s jacket or pair of wide leg cropped jeans that you could almost pass off as culottes) is by incorporating sleek and fit clothes in clean and sharp colors. Keep your accessories to a minimum and go for something angular or structured.oversize denim jacket wide leg cropped denim jeans

Patchwork Masterpiece

Right now, when talking about denim, there is nothing more remarkable than how street style muses wore patchwork denim pieces like an outfit straight out of a designer RTW show. Patchwork denim often looks best when worn as part of a Canadian tuxedo ensemble. Speaking of Canadian tuxedo…two-toned denim jeans

Spiced Up Double Denim

Double denim is getting more and more popular and the standard shirt-and-skinny-jeans combo that we repeatedly see may no longer be something you would venture. If you’re looking for a higher level of styling with double denim, here are two: counter a pair of uber-ripped jeans with a tailored long coat or, as aforementioned, use a patchwork piece.double denim ripped double denim

Embroidered Subtly

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of embroidery on denim as a kid. Especially when the embroidery is placed somewhere obvious and out-of-place like on the thigh or above the ankles. However, growing up, I came to like embroidery placed on the back pockets for a subtle look or at the back of a boyfriend jacket for something grungier and a head-turner.embroidered back pocket denim embroidered denim jacket

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