6 Myths about Vintage Dressing Debunked

Although vintage-inspired clothing has experienced a revival in mainstream culture over the past several years, there’s still some confusion about what leading a retro lifestyle entails. So, keep on reading for the common misconceptions about vintage dressing that will free you from wearing the look.

  1. You believe in entirely old-fashioned values.



While you may love the culture of the 1950’s like music, clothing, and general aesthetic, that doesn’t mean you adhere to old-fashioned values. Like fashion blogger Emilee Anne, feel free to wear gingham print shorts to make your casual style breezy and look chic with eyelet dresses. Wearing dresses and primping yourselves don’t mean you don’t support the social progress made in the present day as you only like wearing feminine dresses from the past.

  1. You must only be into vintage-related hobbies and interests.

vintage-retro-floral-dress-with-fall-boots gladiators-with-saddle-bag-and-white-dress

Anyone can decide to leap into a vintage lifestyle, regardless of their interests. If you like the look and want to wear it, what does it matter? You don’t have to fully launch yourself into the retro life, or make your own clothes as if you like vintage fashion then you’re welcome to embrace it.

  1. You can only stick to one decade or subculture.

vintage-skirt-with-belted-top-and-socks-with-shoes vintage-top-with-modern-blazer-and-black-pumps

You may love to don a 50’s inspired look, but you could also enjoy dabbling in 40’s and 60’s style. Remember, to avoid looking costumey in vintage clothes is to mix the looks of several different decades together as some of these iconic styles in reality, don’t fit as neatly as we’d think. Like fashion blogger Emilee Anne, think of wearing your vintage top with a modern blazer and denim shorts, or create a cozy chic look this fall with a vintage skirt teamed with a black top and trendy footwear. Remember, there’s no limit to what you decide to do since the best part of living a retro lifestyle is being able to encompass the glamor of previous decades, while being creative and adding a bit of yourself to the overall look.

  1. You have to commit to it full-time.

cobalt-blue-lace-dress-with-socks-and-shoes vintage-white-dress-with-gold-sandals

Many of us vintage-loving women have a closet full of vintage dresses, but that doesn’t mean you don’t also have modern clothes. If you don’t feel like looking like you stepped out of a 50’s movie, better alter the days you’re going to wear vintage and modern clothes. If most people who get to know you are used to seeing you all dolled up in retro attire, you might do some changes to modernize your look a bit. Some women are mixing it up by wearing vintage outfits in their spare time, and dressing more modern at work. Remember, if you love retro-inspired clothing, that doesn’t mean you have to wear it exclusively.

  1. You can’t shop in ‘modern’ stores.

vintage-checkered-dress-with-camel-coat vintage-top-with-sailor-overalls

If you think vintage wouldn’t fit in with a modern look, think again. You have the freedom to mix and match your retro and modern pieces to create a fashion-forward look and there’s always a way to incorporate retro touches in your wardrobe. And since you can still find beautiful retro-looking clothes at the local mall, there are still some very cost-effective options available.

  1. It’s an expensive lifestyle.

tweed-jacket-with-vintage-outfit chic-vintage-dress-with-suede-shoes

Before thinking of what seems expensive or cheap, you may notice that the better quality of vintage-inspired clothing your purchase, the longer it lasts. Mainstream clothing companies seem to create clothes to fit one body type, where vintage-inspired clothing is often a lot more accommodating. Just account to the narrow waists, big busts, and wide hips, which translate into lesser trips to the tailor. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to wear vintage confidently.

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