6 Must Haves to Look Chic on a Rainy Day

Rainy days may put a damper on our mood but never on our style. Many people think that looking stylish on a rainy day is impossible without sacrificing comfort (or dryness) but that’s not true at all. The secret to pulling off a chic look during spring showers is to carefully pick out pieces that will both help you keep warm and stylish. Here are some of the ultimate must haves to look chic on a rainy day.

  1. Dark colored clothes – if you’re the type who loves getting garbed up in all black anyway then it’s going to be really easy for you to look super chic, even in the rain. Dark colored clothes are more preferable during rainy days because they won’t show obvious water marks in case you get caught in a drizzle.dark navy outfit
    dark maroon dress
  2. Statement outerwear – now, if you think you have to be stuck looking dreary in dark clothes on a rainy day, think again! Top off your outfit with a gorgeous coat or a stunning jacket that will help you make a statement and you’re sure to be the best dressed chick in the rain. If you’re gearing up for some heavy rain, a cute raincoat might just do the trick.statement red coat statement coatstatement red coat statement coat
  3. Rain-proof shoes – when I say rain-proof shoes, I don’t mean those gimmicky pairs you see at the mall. I simply mean shoes that will keep your feet warm as you walk through the pouring rain. Sneakers are great but if you need something dressier, perhaps you’ll want to go for wedge-style shoes or boots instead.rain shoed colored rain boots shoes for a rainy day
  4. Midi-length bottoms – when it’s pouring hard outside, the last thing you’ll want is to have wet hems so going for midi-length bottoms for skirts and dresses is the way to go. Culottes are great, too, since they add a really nice hint of sophistication to a very practical look.culottes for a rainy day midi skirt sporty look
  5. A chic umbrella – nothing gets you protected from the rain than a good ol’ umbrella. Umbrellas don’t have to be plain, black and boring, you know. There are so many cute designs out there that are really chic and conveniently sized so you can take them with you every day, just to be prepared.chic makeup inspired umbrella
  6. Chic rain accessories – of course, your rainy day look isn’t complete until you have your rain accessories on. As mentioned above, a chic umbrella would be really handy but other accessories like scarves, hats, or even gloves are just as nice to have when you want to look chic on a rainy day.chic transparent umbrella with red lining rain outfit accessories cool raincoat


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