6 Must Haves to Beat the Sweater Weather in Style

Sweater weather is upon us once again and that means getting cozy and bundled up in comfy but cute clothes. Despite experiencing that warm, fuzzy feeling, many despise the sweater weather simply because they find most appropriate clothes for this time of the year to be unflattering. The thing is, though, that you can’t completely avoid dressing up for the sweater weather completely so if you’re one of the people who aren’t thrilled about it, here are 8 must haves to beat the sweater weather in style and take you out of your fashion rut.chic sweater weather look

sweater weather

  1. CHUNKY KNIT PULLOVERS – I prefer chunky knit pullovers over any other kind of knitted pullovers simply because they have a more cozy and comfy look and feel to them. They’re also great for adding more texture to your look, especially when you want to play and experiment with different textures in one outfit.chunky knit pullover in gray chunky knit sweater and pencil skirt
  2. CHIC SWEATER DRESS – on days when you need to run some errands and don’t really feel like dressing up but at the same aren’t ready to give up your impeccable reputation in the style department, a chic sweater dress can come to the rescue. Just pair it up with knee high boots or ankle boots and tights and you’re ready to go!sweater dress outfit and boots
  3. STATEMENT COLD WEATHER HEAD GEAR – whether it’s a ritzy oversized hat or a beanie with a veil, having something fun on your head during times like this is definitely a must. Not only do you add more personality to your look, you also keep your head warm which is super important if you want to keep colds at bay.statement red beanie with veil
  4. INFINITY SCARF – this one is the ultimate sweater weather must have accessory. No styling needed, just drape it over your neck and you’re ready to conquer the day in style. An infinity scarf makes a stylish yet functional addition to any outfit. You can also twist and turn it any way you want to come up with cute looks.infinity scarf
  5. FUZZY LEG WARMERS – they may not make a ton of difference when it comes to the way your outfit looks, especially when worn with boots but they sure do make you feel warmer and cozier which then helps you sport that gorgeous outfit better.legwarmers and boots
  6. COCOON CARDIGAN – forget about the trendy cape for a while and go get yourself a cocoon cardigan instead. This is the perfect outerwear for achieving a look that’s both flattering and comfortable. Just wrap it around yourself if you ever feel cold and feel the warmth of a cuddle while looking fabulous and in style.

cocoon cardigan and basic outfit cocoon cardigan dusty rose and denim top

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