6 Music Festival Hairstyle Ideas

Although Coachella is done, there are still many music festivals that you can attend this spring – especially this forthcoming summer. If you have tickets to these said celebrations, it’s never too early to plan for your look. Achieve a blogworthy look with these unique music festival hairstyle ideas.

Low Chignon

The term chignon seems so damn classy and unfitting for music festival hairstyle ideas. Don’t be fooled though, as it is just a fancy French term for ‘bun.’ Of course, a bun hairstyle remains to be one of the best styles for music fests and what not. For a boho, low-maintenance hairdo, try the low chignon. Don’t worry if it’s a wee bit messy – that’s what music festival hairstyle ideas are supposed to look like anyway.

low chignon

low chignon hair

Pigtail Buns

Summer can be so damn hot so you might want to wear your hair up. With that being said, one of the best music festival hairstyle ideas for the hot season is the pigtail bun. A marriage between youthful pigtails and the sophisticated bun, a pigtail bun is a good way to look young yet urbane in the music fest you plan on attending this summer.

pigtail bun hair pigtail buns

Half up Bun

Speaking of buns, one of the music festival hairstyle ideas that you can do easily is the half up bun. This is a good way to embrace the half up half down hair trend – with a twist. As the name suggests, pick the half top of your hair and fix it in a bun.

half up bun hair half up bun

Bright Turban

If you are useless when it comes to crafting music festival hairstyle ideas, worry not as there are ‘dos that don’t require mad skills. If you want to keep your hair at bay while rocking out to your favorite bands, all you need to do is wear a bright turban. This will keep your tresses tamed – while you savor the sounds of hip, indie music makers.

green turban turban

Unique Bandana

Apart from a bright turban, another one of the easy music festival hairstyle ideas that you can try out is decorating your locks with a unique bandana. You can use it as a headband – or a way to tie your hair up in a neat bun. Whatever your choice might be, a unique bandana can add some spunk to your music fest outfit.

blue bandana polka dot bandana

Jeweled Hairpiece

Want to achieve an elegant look? Then incorporate a jeweled hairpiece into your music festival hairstyle ideas. You can leave your locks as it is, as the jeweled hairpiece is enough to add pizzazz to your mane – no matter how disheveled your tresses might be.

jeweled hairpiece floral jeweled hairpiece

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