6 Most Common Fashion Rules to Debunk

Trends come and go and there are fashion rules meant to be broken. Sometimes, fashion rules only limit us to express ourselves fully and creatively. So, if you’re wondering how to break those rules confidently, keep on reading for the 6 most common fashion rules to debunk.

Rule # 1: Never wear black with navy.



Despite what people think black and navy do go together. However, black and navy often get a bad rap because they’re in close shade, looking like you’ve grabbed pair of pants in the dim room. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may make your outfit intentional by going for a piece with a navy and black hues in it as a part of design. When you’re wearing navy with black, you should try to play up the differences in tone or opt for brighter and bolder blues like cobalt or sky blue to keep your outfit from looking washed out.

Rule #2: Short women should never wear long dresses.

navy-slit-maxi-dress white-maxi-dress

Long dresses may keep a petite woman looking short, but it is still a sophisticated look. This myth is based on the idea that showing some leg helps to visually elongate your body. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo long dresses. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, you may go for a maxi dress with a high slit to show off your legs. Also, you may consider tea-length dresses and pencil skirts that reach down below the knees which can be sophisticated and chic for you. Also, consider pairing a long dress with some wedge sandals to give you a few extra inches.

Rule #3: Never mix and match prints.

brighly-printed-skirt-with-graphic-top printed-skirt-with-graphic-tee

Since the comeback of vintage clothes, mix and matching prints have become fashionable. Stripes can be seen with paisleys and argyles can be seen with plaids. Just make your looks intentional as it looks haphazard in a fashionable way. When mixing prints, always color coordinate to make your style put together. Also, choose one dominant print and team it with one small print to keep your outfit from looking too chaotic.

Rule #4: Sequins and sparkle are for evening only.

green-sequin-dress-with-jacket shorts-with-metallic-gold-sequin-tank-top

Most women worry that wearing sparkle during the daytime look flashy. The key is to dress down your metallic or shiny ensemble with a dark jacket or neutral colored bottom. Wearing a coat over a sequined dress will tone it down. Also, you may wear your metallic top with neutral colored shorts like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova did.

Rule #5: Never wear more than one bold color.

hot-pink-top-with-red-pants orange-and-blue-bag-with-trendy-outfit

Bold and bright colors make a statement, but using more than one bold color in your outfit can be too much. The key is to breaking up the standout shades with other muted hues or simply bring in bold shades with brightly colored accessories. It’s a great way to add color without feeling overwhelmed by it.

Rule #6: Always match your shoes with your belt, or your bag.

yellow-bag-with-blue-shoes-and-trendy-outfit pink-belt-with-black-and-white-outfit

The old myth that shoes and belt should match have been long outdated. Shoes, belts and bags can be statement pieces in an outfit, but it could look a bit garish if you tried to match all of your accessories to a boldly colored pair of heels. And most of all, you wouldn’t want to forego buying that amazing pair of shoes just because there isn’t a belt to match. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to free yourself from constricting fashion rules and look fashionable on your own way.

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