6 Morning Beauty Hacks that Are Plain Genius

It may be the weekend now but Monday is creeping up quickly and before you know it, it’s time to go to work again. I know mornings are tough to battle, especially when you’re having a bad hair day, a bad skin day, or just a bad day overall. Here are morning beauty hacks that are so genius, they’ll have you out that door in less than 10 minutes!

Blow Dry Your Skin Care

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The ten-step Korean skin care regimen is taking over every  girl’s beauty routine, but even if yours consists of less than ten products, you know that waiting for one product to dry before applying the next one is what takes up most of your time. To speed up the drying process, take your hair blow dryer, put it on the coolest setting and blow the products dry. This trick cuts skin care prep time in half.

Fake the Wide Awake Look

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Looking wide awake and ready for the day is easy when you have flesh or white eyeliner on hand. Just line your waterline with it to make your eyes look bigger and fresher and you’ll be looking like you had a good night’s sleep even if you stayed up all night to catch up on your favorite series.

Opt for a Beauty Sponge

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When choosing between a sponge and a brush to blend your morning makeup, go for the sponge. It covers more area in less time and it leaves a seamless, streakless finish with minimal effort, too!


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When it comes to the morning beauty rush, nothing beats products that do it all. A sunscreen with decent, buildable coverage that also moisturizes, a dual-ended brush, lip and cheek cream color that can also be used as an eyeshadow or an eye shadow base — these are just some examples of products that will help you make your morning beauty routine quicker.

Have Your Products at the Ready

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This is the simplest, most basic advice I can give to those who are always in a rush every morning. Prepare everything that you need in your vanity the night before or, better yet, have a steady stash of your basics at the ready to cut time from scrambling and looking for the next product that you need.

Cut It Open

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Save yourself a time-consuming trip to the store and just cut the packaging open and scoop out the leftover product that won’t come out if you ever run out of anything during your morning beauty prep. It’s unbelievably genius, you’ll save time and money all at once.


Who says you can’t look good when you don’t have time? These morning beauty hacks prove that you can look fab in as little as the time you have left in the morning before heading to work.



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