6 Modern Ways to Wear Tartan Trend

Known to be the trademark pattern of ancient Scottish clans, ceremonial dress of the British royals, or even the preferred pattern of the grunge era, tartan can give your typical wardrobe a modern twist making it more stylish. Though tartan trend might seem like a challenging trend, you’ll still find modern ways to wear the trend to suit your style. Whether you’re preppy, grungy, chic, or glamorous, keep reading to scoop some of our style ideas on wearing the tartan trend.

  1. Tartan Blanket Scarf

tartan scarf with black outfit

tartan blanket scarf with all black outfit tartan blanket scarf

Blanket scarves are more versatile than typical neck scarves as you can wear them in multiple ways at the same time functional for a quite chilly outdoors. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may creatively knot your blanket scarf into your preferred style and let it be your statement piece. Wearing the blanket scarf like a poncho may seem daunting and challenging to pull off, but still statement-making. If you wish to add some color to your all-black looks, copy Kristina Bazan’s style of tying her tartan blanket scarf on her waist to create a grunge-chic look.

  1. Tartan Button-Down Shirt

sequin skirt with tartan blouse skinny pants with tartan shirt tartan button down shirt with jeans tartan shirt with tulle skirt

If you favor a preppy, heritage-inspired look you can turn to chic tailored button-down shirts. Wear your tartan button-down shirts can look modern in contemporary bottom pieces. Just keep in mind that the overall look is the one that will create the modern vibe, and not the piece itself. So like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, try to team your tartan button-down shirt with a feminine tulle skirt and see the modern style.

  1. Tartan Skirt

tartan pleated skirt with white shirt tartan skirt with houndstooth coat tartan skirt with slogan shirt

If you wish for a tartan skirt, you may skip pleated style to avoid looking coming out from a Scottish souvenir store. Instead, opt for pencil skirts or other above-the-knees skirts and pair it with trendy tops like a graphic tee, colorful top, or even with a printed coat. When you’re planning to wear a pleated skirt in tartan pattern, make your top piece modern either by doing the half-tuck style on your shirts, or keeping it loose and free.

  1. Tartan Pants

tartan pants with leather jacket tartan dress pants with casual chic top knitted sweater with tartan pants

Tartan pants are also a great alternative to the tartan miniskirt, especially if you’re not so comfortable baring your legs. If you have a more rock chick kind of style, you could resort to tartan pants and pair it with a leather biker jacket like Kristina Bazan did. Just dress them up with a bold red lip, chic top, and trendy boots for an evening look.

  1. Tartan Coat

tartan coat with casual outfit tartan coat with chic outfit tartan coat with edgy outfit tartan coat with trendy footwear

The key to avoiding a tartan coat looking like something out of a Scottish souvenir store is to find a modern tartan print. Since bright red tartan often look too costume-y, look for tartan in the shades of navy, green, dark gray, mustard, pastel blue and such that may be less traditional colors, but are not as bold as red. Just make sure they fit you perfectly to keep it look stylish and modern.

  1. Tartan Matching Set

tartan pattern suit match cute tartan dress with pumps

Whether a crop-top-and-skirt or a blazer-and-pants combination, tartan in modern hues looks fashionable when worn head-to-toe. To avoid looking coming from the ancient Scottish era, skip tartan in reds as a matching set outfit may look too loud and costume-y. Instead, pick your favorite shades like pastels, pinks, purples, blues, and greens letting your tartan pattern do the trick for you.

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