6 Lessons to Learn from Editing Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe reflects your personality and style, but sometimes, it easily gets overstuffed giving you overwhelming options for your everyday outfits. When it’s time to edit your closet, know first the 6 lessons you can learn from it so you’ll be more efficient and functional on organizing your closet.

  1. Your clothes must represent your individuality.



What you wear is an indication of what is important and not important to you. Beyond an initial expression of yourself to the world at large, what you choose to buy and wear can say a lot about who you really are. Like fashion blogger Nini Nguyen, if you have a trendy fashion personality, frilly top, distressed jeans, flared trousers, brightly colored scarves and such must be found in your closet. Remember, fashion is not about just leaving an impression on other people, but it starts being about you. So, set aside logos and trends that don’t define you.

  1. Your outfits must flatter your body type and complexion.

oversized-sweater-with-tall-boots red-top-with-skinny-jeans-and-stiletto-pumps

If you have a cool undertone, neutrals, blues, and currant reds may be your best color and browns, oranges, and yellows were at the back of your closet. Pay attention to your skin, hair, and eye color whether you’re best-suited for cool colors or warm shades. If you’ve found a lot of unflattering colors in your closet, it’s time to be more careful when you shop.

  1. Making a list before going shopping will save you from stuffing your closet.

ripped-jeans-with-striped-blazer sheer-turtleneck-blouse-with-skirt

Editing identified gaps and surpluses in your closet can be more organized with a lit. Once you already knew what you need or want, you’ll avoid unnecessary splurges. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, you may have a basic tee that can be worn as a tank top with your blazer and jeans, so you don’t have to buy another piece that will add some clutter to your closet. More than that, you’ll extend your wardrobe strategically.

  1. Ill-fitting clothes, motivational clothing, and sentimental items won’t help you develop your personal style.

culottes-with-black-sweater-and-loafers leather-bermuda-shorts-with-black-top

Sentimental clothes, ill-fitting ensembles, and motivational clothing only take up the space in your closet so get rid of them. Also, it won’t help you develop your personal style. In fact, it will just remind you of your buyer’s remorse, wrong purchases, and ideal body that will only make you feel depressed. Remember, your clothes must flatter your current body and personality, not the one you were 5 years ago.

  1. Trendy pieces aren’t a good investment.

loose-pants-with-crop-sweater pleated-skirt-with-color-blocked-top

Unless the trend suits your personality, don’t invest in trendy pieces that won’t last for long. If a trendy crop top, ripped jeans, wide leg pants are your style, it can be great since you’ll be willing to wear it over and over again regardless of the current fads and trends like fashion blogger Nini Nguyen does.

  1. Shop for the items you need over the items you want.

trench-coat-with-jeans graphic-top-woth-over-the-knee-boots

We can be easily get carried away by shopping sales. Before buying an item, think first why you want it whether it’s a good value, on sale, on trend, or an honest wardrobe gap. Remember, luxury is having and taking the time to carefully select something you want or need, thinking about an item as more than a purely functional or stylish piece. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to be more stylish on your street style and more organized on your life.

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