6 Lessons on Slouchy Chic Style from the Olsen Twins

Ever since we’ve seen them first in television as little kids until they grow up to be beautiful and inspiring businesswomen, one thing is for sure. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen have their permanent place in the fashion industry as one of industry’s top mavens and influencers.

And their biggest influence? Their classic and fashion forward slouchy chic style.


The Olsen twins have mastered the style so much, slouchy chic now has been immediately associated with the Olsen twins. So it felt right to take great tips from the Olsen twins themselves. Check them out below.

Oversized top + skinny pants = Longer legs

An easy way for you to create a slouchy chic outfit would be wearing a top that’s either loose or one to two sizes bigger than you. But for petite ladies like the Olsen twins, this could mean looking slump-ish and even shorter than you really are. Which is why pairing it with a skinny pants will not only counterbalance the looseness of the top but will also make your legs look longer.

mary-kate-olsen-oversized-shirt Ashley Olsen loose shirt outfit

Know your tucking game

The Olsen twins definitely know when they have to up their tucked in game. And for those of you who are dying to know when and how, it is when you are wearing an loose button-down shirt and pairing it with a skirt. The general consensus of achieving a slouchy chic look with this outfit combo is to tuck your shirt properly when wearing tailored or fitted skirts like pencil skirt. And go completely undone with flowing ones like the maxi skirt below.

ashley-olsen-tucked-in-shirt-light-neutral-outfit mary-kate-olsen-maxi-skirt-and-tucked-in-chambray-shirt

When in boots, show your knees

This is another priceless tip from the Olsen twins for our petite ladies out there. If you will wear boots, you want to create the illusion of longer legs. While wearing skinny pants can do this, wearing short skirts and showing off your knees achieve it more excellently.

mary-kate-olsen-fur-jacket ashley-olsen-white-dress-and-boots

Know how to counterbalance

We’ve mentioned this in the first one above but just because you will be aiming a slouchy chic outfit does not mean you’ll ditch the tailored and fitted clothes forever. Take the Olsen twins’ word for it—or rather their OOTDs. When they’re wearing something loose on the bottom, they pair it with something dark and fit while slipping on a fitted bottom when wearing a slouchy top.

mary-kate-olsen-puffy-jacket ashley-olsen-wide-leg-cargo-pants

When in doubt choose flats

Other than oversized clothes, the one thing that makes a slouchy chic outfit look put together, as we gathered from the Olsen twins looks, is a good and versatile pair of flats. This could be anything from loafers, sandals, and Birkenstocks. Personally, I find that Birkenstocks seriously add that carefree vibes to any looks.


Stripes is your best pattern-friend

Whether you will be going for a smart casual look or a more relaxed look, a classic pattern like the stripes can be worn in two completely different outfits and you will still get that relaxed feel that a slouchy chic style naturally has.


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