6 Instagram Hairstyle Ideas

Instagram is not only a repository of throwback pics and memes, it’s a virtual hall for hairstyle ideas as well. If you are looking for fresh hairdos this summer, then make sure to follow these popular Instagram hairstyle ideas.

Puffy Top Knot

Top knots have been dominating Instagram hairstyle ideas for so long. If you are a follower of trends, then make it a point to try the puffy top knot. The usual hairdo calls for a small section, but for this hairstyle, you need to gather a big amount of hair. Arrange the knot into a chignon for a sophisticated look that you can take to the office – or your friend’s wedding.

puffy top knots

puffy top knot

Double Loop Knots

Top knots make for good Instagram hairstyle ideas this summer. Apart from the puffy top knot, another one that you should try out is the double loop knot. This is a mature take on the usual pigtails. To recreate this look, create sections as if you are going to make a pigtail. Instead of letting the ends look, wrap them in a chignon for a sassy youthful look.

double knots double top knots double hair knots

Wavy Ponytail

Wearing your hair in a ponytail is one of the best ways to beat the heat this summer. However, if you want to achieve a unique look, then create the wavy ponytail, just one of the many cute Instagram hairstyle ideas. The key to getting this look is wrapping a small portion of hair for each of the different levels of your hair.

wavy ponytail

Intersecting Braids

Braids are just some of the most famous Instagram hairstyle ideas that you can do so easily. However, if you’re up for some challenge, then make sure to try intersecting braids. As the name suggests, it features a braid that criss-crosses in the back. To perfect this look, loop strands of your hair at the intersection near the base of your head.

intersecting braids intersecting braid

Braids and Knots

Braids and knots are very popular Instagram hairstyle ideas, so it’s but a must that you incorporate the best of both worlds. To achieve this look, fix your hail in a conventional braid first, leaving a few inches unbraided. Lift the tail and wrap the end in a chignon.

braids and knots

Flowery Braids

Embellished Instagram hairstyle ideas are perfect for weddings and other special occasions. With that being said, all you need to do is recreate your favorite braided hairstyles – and embellish them with fake florettes (or real ones too, it’s up to you.) These blooms will surely upgrade your regular braids into swoon-worthy hairstyles.

flowery braids floral braid

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