6 Impossibly Stylish Tech Gifts for the Chic Geek in Your Life

Gone are the days when the tech industry used to be dominated by male figures. Now, women are getting into tech and I love that tech accessories are no longer just come in boring colors like black or white. Browsing online and through shops the other day, I found some really cute tech stuff and, given that it’s almost Christmas, I thought I’d make a compilation of these impossibly stylish tech gifts for the chic geek in your life. Here they are:

  1. Smart Jewelry – everything is digital now and tech can be incorporated just about anywhere, including jewelry. If you’re ever looking for a gift to give your chic geek friends (or yourself) that’s luxe but also practical, smart jewelry like these bracelets and watches are perfect! They make great accessories that would definitely complete any look and they’re very useful, too.smart bracelet
    Smart Ring by Ringly smart watch
  2. OTG Cords – now you may be thinking “Who would want to get lame OTG cords for Christmas?” Well, with these cute OTG cords that are disguised as cute little bag charms, every girl you know who uses a computer and a phone would! Beloved brand Rebecca Minkoff came out with stylish bag charms / keychains with built-in OTG cords. You can choose between many different styles and colors, the fluffy pompom and edgy leather tassels are her best sellers.power cord tassel power puff pompom otg cord
  3. A power bank – so many pictures to take, so little phone battery — sound familiar? With all the Instagrammable things that surround you, it’s unfortunate that your phone can only have so much juice. With a power bank, though, the joys of capturing all things pretty won’t have to end. Plus, today’s power banks come in so many styles, finding one that’s perfect for the chic geek won’t be a problem!power bank chanel compact style printed power bank unicorn power bank
  4. These Layla headphones from Frends – these have been in the market for quite a while now but they’re still really popular and still totally giftable! They come in so many different colors but the rose gold ones prove to be a favorite among chic geeks chicks.frends layla headphones frends layla x bauble bar
  5. An Instax camera – these Instax camera are very reminiscent of old polaroids, only cuter. These are perfect for parties when you want instant printed photos without spending a ton on a photobooth and they’re super compact, too, so you can bring them with you anywhere!instax mini in turquoise instax white matching outfit instax yellow
  6. Phone cases – if you’re looking for a fail-safe gift for the chic geek in your life and you want it to be affordable but still practical and usable, a phone case is always a good idea. All you need to know is what kind of phone they are using and off to the shops you go! You can even have these customized and personalized for an added touch of chic.rosegold mirror phone case chic marble phone case marble phone case chic statement case


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