6 How to Upgrade Your Basic Style Tips

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your style basic but on days when you feel like doing so much more to look extra fab and ultra chic, a few tiny upgrades to your everyday staples wouldn’t hurt, I’m sure. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s any way you can look like your favourite fashion bloggers without spending a fortune, the answer is yes and you’re about to find out how. Here are 6 tips on how to upgrade your basic style.


  • SWAP BLUE JEANS WITH WHITE – swap out your everyday blue jeans with a white pair to give your look a fresh and sophisticated vibe without losing the casual and relaxed look. White jeans just have so much more of that chic look and feel to it that it makes any outfit look instantly more fabulous.white jeans and striped tank top
    white jeans and striped top
  • DOUBLE UP – whether it’s the print on print trend or going denim on denim, wearing two of the same stuff in one outfit is, without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to give your old look a stylish new update. Other combos you can try are leather on leather, plaid on plaid and a monochromatic look.douhle denim outfit double print outfit
  • ADD SOMETHING LUXE – another very easy way to upgrade your basic style is to wear something luxurious along with your everyday staples. It could be anything from a cashmere sweater, a delicate piece of jewelry, something designer or just anything you would normally save for a special occasion rather than wear every day. Your jeans and pumps combo, for example, can look a hundred times better and more sophisticated when paired up with a silk shirt instead of your usual blouse.lux lace and tulle outfit luxe leather and silk outfit
  • FORGET ABOUT THE RULES – every once in a while, not minding the rules and just wearing what you think looks best on you is the only way to go. Wear something that’s totally out of proportion if you feel like it will either bring out your assets or hide your flaws in the best and most flattering way possible. Wear any combo you like, improvise to your heart’s content and be experimental. You never know what you might just discover.rule breaking outfit so good rule breaking white summer outfit
  • INTRODUCE STRUCTURE – adding some structure to your everyday loose and relaxed look can really make your outfit look more updated. Try carrying a structured tote instead of your everyday hobo bag or a peplum blouse instead of a plain shirt. Anything with even the tiniest bit of structure is sure to upgrade any look.

structured gray coat structured white blouse


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